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Grocery shopping and burritos

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The morning sun is rising,
The forest cloaked in gold.
And the mist surrounds the mountains,
The landscape calm and cold.

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         I woke this morning (rather late) in a vile mood. I had been dreaming that I had become a vampire. I was bitterly disappointed in that vampire life had all the disadvantages one expects of vampirism, staurophobia, photosensitivity, and such, and none of the reputed advantages. Apart from not having remarkable strength, the ability to turn into a bat, nor an outfit like a head waiter at a five star restaurant, I found that my body was merely dead. Gash it horribly and it didn't heal. I was severely pissed off by this.

         New word du jour: machiavelatte n. Espresso and a bit of foamed milk obtained with whatever force necessary and by whatever means.

I find this reminiscent of my stay in Seattle when midnight foray's to late night coffee houses were de rigueur. I think that one of the few things I truly miss about Seattle is —not the coffee (it wasn't that great)— but the coffee houses. Such places should exist in such abundance elsewhere. I was a coffee addict in Miami, but the number of coffee houses was rather limited. It was most especially difficult to find such places in the wee hours. Morning coffee and bagels were to be found in many places, from Einstein Bagels in my neighborhood all the way down to the Bagelry in Miami Beach.

         I went grocery shopping today. It was as traumatic as usual. My Sis and I went first to Dollar General. I hate narrow aisles and overhanging things that tap me on the head and unnerve me as I traverse the trash-filled obstacle course they call a store. The local Gerbes grocery was little better, though the aisles were incalculably wider. Due to the day being Friday (payday for half the city) and an impending snowstorm, the store was crowded. Unfortunately, all the rude people in the city decided to shop in the same store as me. It was Noon. Why were all those rude people buying instead of eating lunch like a sane person? The shining moment of the trip was when the butcher returned the ham my sister asked him to slice for us to me without checking first for her permission. I get so tired of people assuming the blind guy is also mentally deficient.

         I've caught up on a lot of TV watching in the last few days. I finally saw the first season of Heroes. Big deal. I watched 3 episodes last week, and 3 this week of Jake 2.0. I like that show. Too bad it is already dead and buried. Chris Gorham later appeared in Medical Investigation. I liked him in both shows. I think he deserves addition to my list of underappreciated actors. I also watched two Dean Cain movies that have been on the drive forever. Dragon Fighter was good but definitely a "B" movie. I will say the same of Post Impact. Dean is rapidly rising to the top of the SciFi channel's B/made for TV movie list. I'm marking him as a candidate for the underappreciated actor's list, but he will have to distinguish himself as a really good actor (in my savagely biased opinion) before I'll actually add him to the list. Don't mistake me, I like Dean Cain as an actor, but I haven't seen the role that makes me go "wow" as yet.

         After grocery shopping, I made a fatal… OK, less than fatal error and concocted a batch of burritos. Actually, now that I think of it, it was not the burritos that were the error but my failure to take beano first. My dog Jirel and I are now in complete harmony (in the worst possible sense of that word). Her Iams dog food has turned her into a farty dingo (doesn't that sound like a hobbit name?) and my burritos have done much the same to me.

         I guess that's all for tonight.

The ship was astoundingly large. I watched it approach through the main viewport. While any ship can seem overwhelming when it is close and spans the entire horizon, this ship kept reminding me of its size in subtle ways. It was more than a kilometer distant and still crowded us. The ships coming and going constantly from its landing bays were the size of a mining asteroid, many times the size of the ship in which I stood, and seemed flit about its ponderousness. The body of the ship was rotating, slowly to my eyes, but I knew that that was illusion. At its outer rim, the gravity created by centripetal spin was heavier than that of Jupiter. I suppose the awe I felt for the craft was somewhat diminished by the ridiculous, to my eye, colors she was painted. The command cabin at the top and the thrust nacelles at the bottom were painted a vivid red. The main body of the craft was alternately striped with primary red, vivid yellow and a rather squamous green, giving the whole ship rather the aspect of an enormous spinning top painted to resemble a circus clown. An extremely large, ominous, rather sinister circus clown…
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