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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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2nd installment
Yield! Taurus!
Today's Lyric:
Flames will send the sign to the sky
that we have come to feast tonight
The lakes are echoing with our song
Lai Lai Hei

         If your time machine scooped up a dragonboat-load of Vikings, they would soon be listening to Ensiferum.

         I have been in a weird mood all afternoon. I think I am catching something. I'm cold, coughing, my nose is running, and I ache everywhere. I am not ready for another cold. Time to break out the Z-stuff — you know the one you are supposed to take as you are catching a cold to reduce the duration of the illness…

         I've been listening to a very different run of music today, Opeth, Amon Armath, Duskfall, and even die Apokalyptischen Reiter. They are described as "melodic death metal" or Death metal influenced by German Thrash. I'm amazed at where German and "norweigan" music has gone.

         I guess I'm feeling more German than usual of late. I have been playing chess online (gameknot) mostly against Germans and a few Brits (they are awake when I am). Maybe I have never been insomniac, just on German time?

         Running the pellet stove tonight as the house is chilly. I haven't had to run it much this year, but the wind chill is so high tonight as to give us a 15° decrease. <sigh>If only I had waited to strip the walls and ceiling out of the basement</sigh>

The cold is numbing. The wind permeates my body. The warmest clothing is as nothing against this chill. It is somehow worse because I am blind. All went white — then black— hours ago. Was it hours? How long have I really been out here? It seems like days. I have eaten three times. Is that one day? Could it not be only a matter of hours, since I crave nourishment so ardently in this Hell of ice. Is it perhaps longer? I can't trust any of my other senses, why should my perception of time be unaffected? I've been able to keep moving through sheer force of will and the reasoned conviction that if I stop I will die. I think I have been moving in a straight line. I know I have been able to follow the line of cliffs I saw when I was still able to see. I remember that they pointed as directly as I could tell toward my old encampment. The gear there could save my life. Tents, heaters, food, radio gear, and medical equipment. I will lose my toes, of a certainty, probably my feet as well. I suspect I'll lose some or all of my fingers. I hope they are functional enough to allow me to do some first aid on myself. The forecast called for -30° temperatures and 30mph winds. That means I could be experiencing effective cold of nearly -80°. The others left before me. Perhaps they made it before the snow came. Maybe they're out looking for me. Maybe the things I stumble against are huddled bodies. There is no way for me to know. I'm not certain I'll even know the camp if I ever reach it. I hear a sound! A pounding fluttering noise! It sounds like a helicopter! No. No helicopter could fly in this. More likely an avalanche. Maybe I'll be buried. It would be quick.

Postscript: For you louts who have complained about the "extreme" length of my recent posts (which, since Christmas have not exceeded 800 words), my Lyric of the Day and Freewriting will hencefoward be cut. I refuse to cut the entirety of my entries, however. What would be the point of posting at all? If you don't like having my journal "mess up" your friend's page unfriend me.

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I enjoy the random lyrics/freewriting. So far my favorite is the kid with the gun. ^^
Everyone else can go *insert witty way to commit suicide here(I prefer oleander milkshakes)*
I hope you feel better, man.

witty way to commit suicide

drowning in caterpillars? Throwing oneself backward onto a salad fork to incriminate the kitchen help?

The people who complained were not mutual friends and one even posted anonymously. I think it is absurd for people I don't know or have only the most distant acquaintance with to berate me in the fashion they did (full on flaming) when the simple option of un-friending me is available to them.

I am not one of those who is complaining...just acting as devil's avocado for a sec here...

Cutting does not mean that the post is not viewable, and these people probably do what I often do when going through the friends page, which is to read through short stuff and open up cut entries & long entries in separate tabs, to allow for more relaxed and comfortable reading. So therefore, they may not be asking for a chance to avoid reading your work, but rather they wish to make it easier to separate the posts that they want to invest extra time reading.

Thank you for your comments. I see your point and can think of plenty of reasons, myself, to keep posts either short, or behind a cut.

Two of the three commenters who savagely bitched me out (I deleted all the comments and e-mails) were unknown to me and were not mutual friends. The third posted anonmymously. I have IP addresses, of course, but I honestly don't care who they are.

I understand not wanting long posts, I dislike them myself, but I resent being taken to task for posts that seldom exceed 500 words and which have not yet exceeded 1000. The length of my longer posts can be bypassed with a single press of the pagedown key (on my screen anyway and I use a 20pt font for browing). I really think being berated is a bit much.

In any event, I have removed the portions of my posts which occupy the most space, the lyrics and freewriting, as they both contain some empty space that makes them appear larger than they are. As I said earlier, anyone who finds it unreasonable for me to post the typical 200-500 word "body" of my post without a cut is welcome to stop viewing my journal.

I wonder what happened to manners in the world?

If your time machine scooped up a dragonboat-load of Vikings, they would soon be listening to Ensiferum.

Thanks for the reccomendation. I've heard them before but never could remember the name much less how to spell it. Now I have thier page bookmarked.

I'd like to reccomend Falkenbach and Battlelore. They are Viking metal as well, with enough black metal influence to have that ominous feel, but not enough to take the mythical themes and muck them up with devil worthip and really bad screatching vocals. I don't like most black metal. lol :) Anyway, check them out. I think you'll like 'em.

Re: Yay for Viking Metal

My run of listening lately is "melodic death metal" whatever that is. Ensiferum, Disharmonia Mundi, Devil Doll, Amon Amarth, Children of Bodom, wintersun, and dimmu forgir are some of the bands that fit the category. Almost all of them also fall into the viking music category too.

I've heard falken bach and like 'em. I don't know battlelore but will look them up.

I don't suppose you are on www.last.fm by any chance?

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