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Today's Lyric: "Knowing her fate, Atlantis sent out ships to all corners of the Earth.
On board were the Twelve:
The poet, the physician, the farmer, the scientist,
The magician and the other so-called Gods of our legends."

         This is my second installment today. It is late (for me), about midnight. I am tired, but not sleepy. I really hate that.

         I haven't heard from Joe and Lisa. I assume they are still stranded at the USO in Denver. I learned tonight that a friend of mine from Walkers in Darkness, Coddy, is in the same airport. I hope they will meet. Denver is supposed to resume flights tomorrow (22nd) evening. Of course, flights will be delayed for hours, so I can't guess when Joe and Lisa may catch their flight to Seattle.

         I have been alternately chilling and sweating. I have some antibiotics that I'm taking, but they really don't seem to be helping. I'll call the doctor tomorrow. I think I have a genuine case of flu and not just my usual winter cold.

         Much as I love the Walkers in Darkness chat room, I may resign as a moderator there. There's been a good bit of drama lately. I've missed out on most of it because I'm not in the room all that often any more. The drama and fewer visits are both good reasons to stop being a mod.

         I'm going to write something now and see if I can sleep afterward.

Jason rolled. Curling into a ball as he had been taught, he slammed hard against something. It shook him but did not disable. He took one look then sprang for shelter, again, as he had been taught. His look around informed him of the numbers against him. He hadn't had time to count enemies, but everywhere he'd looked he'd seen people who were focused on him. A minimum of three, left, right, and ahead. Chances were they were behind too. Raising the barrel of his gun above the edge of the low wall that sheltered him, he squeezed off a shot and peeked around the side. He saw five men. Shifting his position, he popped up briefly above the wall and fired where he remembered on man being. As Jason threw himself down, he saw the man fall. Four left. At least four, he reminded himself.
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