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2006.350 tense and tenser

Today's Lyric: "...I don't need to be forgiven."
Teenage Wasteland
The Who

         The last couple days have been vicariously stressful. lutron is in hospital waiting to hear whether he will keep all the fingers on his right hand. I keep sending positive thoughts while chafing at the fact that I can do nothing useful. He and I spoke briefly yesterday. He seemed in good spirits and I hope I did nothing to bum him out. I am not a cheerful person these days.

         Having a hard time with my back and legs this week too. I've got whatever it is that is going around. It is one of those things that exhibit a number of different symptoms serially. I'm in the aches and pains stage now.

         I have been online little of late. I am playing City of Villains (online game) some, but don't have any friends that play so it is not that exciting. I still play chess at gameknot and am looking for friends who want to play there.

         My writing is still on hold for some reason. I'll try some freewriting at the end of this post.

         A cousin of some sort is visiting town tomorrow. I will go to visit, but don't think I will enjoy it. I don't like many of my relatives. I guess that's all I really have to say.

         If you're reading this lutron, hang in there. I'm sending all my love and good wishes to you.

As man's exodus to the stars unfolded, he found life not merely present but damned near ubiquitous. On nearly every planned that could support humaniform life, it was present. It was also hostile. Genus home Species sapiens of the family hominidaeis a mammal and a primate and an omnivore —on Earth. Elsewhere, Genus homo of many species is almost exclusivey a predator, a carnivore, and an intelligent, deadly enemy. The first species we encountered was labeled homo vampirus because they lived on the blood of living creatures, including other humans. In time the name "vampire" lost its gothic meaning and came to mean any carnivorous extraterrestrial species. So far that means all of them. The classifications continue, and over one hundred species have been found so far. They vary considerably. Homo Stokerian the renamed original species found drinks blood. Homo sartorius is an eater of muscle tissue. Homo Lupine is the "wolf vampire" not to be taken too literally save that they travel in packs. They also tend to be carrion eaters. The list goes on, Homo Aracnoidae the "spider vampire", Homo Cousteau an amphibious vampire, Homo Calva the brain-eaters who crack skulls for their food, and my personal boogie man, Homo awful given a punnish name because they prefer the organs of their prey, the offal.
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