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2006.346 freewriting

Today's Movie Quote: "I am sure, in the miserable annals of the Earth, you will be duly enshrined."

         Having a bad morning. I had a seizure during the night and my hip feels out of joint. I can walk, but it is not fun. I seem also to have hit my head somehow. Usually, the best place to have a seizure seems to be in bed. It didn't work out that way last night.

         The on going saga of Circuit City and my projector has become epic. I won't bore you with the details of their intransigent behavior and insulting attitudes.

         I am going to begin adding some "freewriting" to this journal. Anything enclosed in a box is fiction.

         I've been through desert and swamp. I can't tell the difference these days. It's all the same despite what you'd logically think. Only people are different no matter where they live. Swamp people are friendly and desert people are scared. Put someone in a forest and they become aggressive. Put them in the mounts and they become hostile. Put them in a city and they take on the personality of the city. We are shore dwellers, we humans. I once read that 85% of humanity lives within two kilometers of running water. It makes me think of the little lizards I find near every brook and on every creek bank. Who would think we live where the lizards live? I'd rather share my lifestyle with some more attractive animal. Maybe a bird with beautiful plumage or something furry with cuddly young. On the other hand...

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