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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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2006.344 sick and bored
Doctor Doom
Today's Movie Quote: "Nobody does the right thing."

         Both my eyes are watering. I have no energy. My hip hurts. My shoulder hurts. My knee hurts. I am perspiring. My feet are cold. I'm miserably sick with nothing in particular. How do you have so many symptoms and just have a cold? How do the symptoms keep drifting from aches and pains to nausea to diarrhea to watery eyes to breathing problems to a runny nose? Blech!

         That aside I am pissed off at Circuit City. My projector has died. I call their number and get shunted to a service number. I hate pressing seven buttons to be told "Hang up and call this number:" What a pisser-offer! When I call the referral number I press six buttons then get told, "take it to your nearest store". This is a big deal for me. I am absolutely certain that the assholes at the store, 35 miles away in another city, are going to tell me "mail it to the service center" and send me home. I guess I'll make the trek.

         I am angry all the time lately. I just hate being sick, I guess.

         I haven't been able to write, though I joined the scifaiku group on yahoo. I posted some old scifaiku and it was reasonably well received. I need to find some group or something at any rate which inspires me to write.

         I am bored now.