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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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2006.272 catching up yet again
nanowrimo 2010
Today's Movie Quote: "In this circle, my friend, 'wit' is not a requirement of the job. Brutality, yes. An ability to inflict pain, absolutely. A certain psychotic moral ignorance, blind obedience, all required. But not wit."

         It's been too long since my last entry. I have a thousand excuses, but the simple explanation is that I simply haven't felt like writing.

         On the subject of writing: I have written nothing but poetry for some months now. I desperately want to re-enter the land of prose. November is coming up, perhaps I'll try Nanowrimo yet again. Anything to get me started.

         I'm having medical problems that may tend to limit my writing opportunities. Those who know me know that I spend most of my waking day in front of the computer. This, apparently, needs to stop. I am suffering back problems from too much sitting, and foot problems of a similar ilk. My feet recently swelled up to godzilla-like proportions. This is blamed on water retention and too much sitting. I have cut back the salt in my diet (well... somewhat) and am looking for a clock to chime the hour. I am currently getting up and exercising on the hour (when I remember) using my exercise bike or the 'ab lounger' my sister recently bought for me. The ab lounger is a disaster in my opinion, but at least it is not sitting. The exercise bike does get the blood flowing, but it is still a seated position. My frustration at my "no edible food" diet is growing. I'm supposed to avoid fat, sodium, sugar, calories, carbs, and, I suppose, anything with flavor. As my doctor put it "If it tastes good, spit it out."

         One of the things contributing to my sitting is The Sims Online. In-game it is referred to TSO and that makes me absolutely crazy. Any old mainframer will tell you that TSO is Time Sharing Option and that any other use of the acronym is unnatural. I might add, I've had this problem with General Tso's chicken for many years.

         I find myself unable to do much lately for a variety of reasons. I won't list all the problems, trials, and tribulations of my life. That would be tedious in the extreme. I'll let it suffice to say I haven't felt well in any fashion for some time. I'm getting past it slowly.

         The great remodeling. We are interviewing contractors to remodel the basement and the bathroom(s). The basement had a pair of leaks, one from a bathtub, the other from a window. The water got behind the walls and produced mildew. We will have to strip the basement back to the cement and start over. Because of the nature of the plumbing problems with the bathroom, we are going to convert our two bathrooms upstairs into a single large comfortable one. I'll lose my private bath, but at least I'll have room to maneuver in the new room. We're shopping for a loan right now.

         I'll try to update more often.

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Good to see you again. Life proceeds. It's the way of things.

life procedes, that says nothing about my liking it, nor any oblication to refrain from complaint... :)

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