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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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2006.207 Nochnoi Dozor
nanowrimo 2010
Today's Movie Quote: "You owe me a scream."

         I've little news today. I visited the doctor. I've been having problems with my left hip and thigh. My neurologist proclaims it a due to a lengthy latinesque phrase meaning "pain in the thigh". For this esoteric condition he increased my depakote. Oddly enough it seems to be working. That hasn't fixed the knee and hip pain I've been having at the same time so today was x-ray day. Possibly, I have a hairline fracture of the hip or pelvic bone. Yuck (as the saying goes).

         The dogs went to Petco for grooming and the full treatment. They smell good and look good. That'll last about five minutes. Both girls are doing well. Nickki is diagnosed with congestive heart trouble and is on lasix (as needed). Not bad for a dog her age. Jirel is happy as can be and has developed a taste for the hush puppies from Captain D's fish place.

         I'm enthused about a movie I recently watched. It is called Night Watch or Nochnoy Dozor. I won't review it for you save to say that it is Russian, in English, and offers a view of vampires truly atypical. It is worth seeing.

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Depakote? That sounds like a laxative!

I've never heard of the movie. I'll put it on my Netflix queue once I'm done with this pain in the ass paper.

Nochnoy Dozor gives some insight to Russian/European/Non-American views of the world and perhaps of such peoples' mythologies. It thinks of vampires in terms of "others" rather than the typical Bram Stoker Count Dracula model. It turns the whole vamipire/human relationship into a war between darkness and light with humans in the middle between dark others and light others. I think you'll enjoy the insights it offers and the just plain interesting story. It is 1/3 of a trilogy. The other two movies may or may not ever be made, but IMDB.com says that part 2 is due out this year.

Incidentally, I just forced Rosalyn to watch Buckaroo Banzai with me some time in the past month. I thought of you and the Miami blue blaze irregulars. I was surprised but she found it pretty funny. I suppose that it makes the inner geek in all of us laugh.

B Banzai can be watched on so many levels. Some regard it as purely as a comedy. I remember at the '86 world science convention in Atlanta someone came up to me and argued with me that banzai was just "Doc Savage updated for the '80s" and expected me to have hurt feelings and argue about it. It is "pulp" in that sense... the author once said so. The whole point of the movie, to me at least, is that it is enjoyable on so many levels. It is absolutely whacky, filled with zillions of inside jokes, obscure references, oddball actions and statements that make no sense until you think about it for a while, and a load of complete nonsequiturs that never make sense at all. What could be better for the enquiring mind?

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