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2006.207 Nochnoi Dozor

Today's Movie Quote: "You owe me a scream."

         I've little news today. I visited the doctor. I've been having problems with my left hip and thigh. My neurologist proclaims it a due to a lengthy latinesque phrase meaning "pain in the thigh". For this esoteric condition he increased my depakote. Oddly enough it seems to be working. That hasn't fixed the knee and hip pain I've been having at the same time so today was x-ray day. Possibly, I have a hairline fracture of the hip or pelvic bone. Yuck (as the saying goes).

         The dogs went to Petco for grooming and the full treatment. They smell good and look good. That'll last about five minutes. Both girls are doing well. Nickki is diagnosed with congestive heart trouble and is on lasix (as needed). Not bad for a dog her age. Jirel is happy as can be and has developed a taste for the hush puppies from Captain D's fish place.

         I'm enthused about a movie I recently watched. It is called Night Watch or Nochnoy Dozor. I won't review it for you save to say that it is Russian, in English, and offers a view of vampires truly atypical. It is worth seeing.

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