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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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2006.199 another one of those lists
nanowrimo 2010
Today's Movie Quote: "Ah, the Light mage with a Dark past has come... just the one I'm looking for..."

         It's been too long since I last updated. Again. I guess this will be one of those "list" entries.

  1. I've installed a number of games
    • Sims Online - pretty good, I may continue with it, I may not.
    • Horizons - pretty awful. I canceled it almost immediately.
    • Age of Empires III - very good. Still playing it every day.
    • Everquest/EQ2/Star Wars Galaxies/Matrix - don't know, the jury is out.
    • I've had a two day "lan party" - well, needless to say. Joe was over , we cabled the 'puters and tried out all the games. What else were we to do?
  2. I've gone out to dinner - a lot
    • Breakfast @ Ryans - Joe's mother in law is here, Lisa's mother. She seems very nice. I enjoyed meeting her. I have forgotten her name already. Damn my memory!
    • Supper @ Joes - Another family dinner. Joe made manicotti and focaccia with Caesar salad. It was an excellent meal. Joe is a good cook when he makes an effort.
    • Supper @ Colton's - Yet another family dinner with a different family. My aunt Muriel with my Cousin Gayle. Bill and Crista were there as well. It was good to see them again. Crista is redecorating her home. Bill is attending a support group for c-pap wearers. I need to join that as well. The restaurant is good. Much better than the Ponderosa that it replaced. The service was good.
  3. I've been to the doctor
    • My leg is injured. It has been giving me trouble about ten days. The problem remains a mystery at the moment. There is a swelling of sorts in my upper thing that feels like a bruise in some ways, but resembles the neuropathy in my feet in other ways. It is painful when pressed, but it is a deep pain as at the bone. When poked it is only slightly sore, but a brush across the skin is quite difficult for me as the skin is hypersensitive. This is the same situation with my feet. Could a random section of nerves in my leg be suffering the same fate as my feet?

         All the above aside, Lisa has visited to help with the planned garage sale. We cleaned out a set of shelves and made some progress in my computer room. We found little for the garage sale, but improved the room somewhat. She and I also mounted some shelves which has improved my desk quite a bit allowing me to move heaps of trash vertically by about three feet.

         I've done a little cooking. My sis and I prepared some "southwest egg rolls" per the Chili's (the restaurant chain) recipe. They turned out pretty well. We found the recipe online and fudged a bit here and there. Janet also made, with minimal assistance from me, some rangoons, and a few wan-tons.

         We went on a shopping spree this last week as well. It sounds expensive, but we actually spent very little.

  1. Rice Cooker
    • I've got it into my head to make my own sushi. Specificially, I want to make futomaki. I want to try some other things too, but sushi rice and sticky rice are so much easier in a rice cooker that I decided to just break down and get one.
  2. Table-top Griddle
    • I've wanted one for a while. It will enable me to do a few things in the kitchen that are a little hard for me right now. Frying pans are a bit difficult for me in a couple of ways. The griddle will make things simpler. I may be able to make my own pancakes for breakfast, eggs, bacon, etc.
  3. Table-top Barbecue
    • This is an item mostly for Janet's use. It is a small gas grill for outside. It was the only expensive item on the list. The combination of blind guy and propane doesn't go together in my book, so I let her handle that stuff. I think she likes to barbecue. I think.
  4. Flash-fryer
    • I've been trying to get away from deep-frying. The flash fryer uses a lot less oil than the old "fry daddy" style deep fryers. I just can't give up things like fried mushrooms, though. We don't deep fry often, this new fryer will minimize the pain of doing so and cut back on the oil, so our once-a-month expedition into cholesterol land may be a little more forgivable than it used to be.

         I can't think of much else. I have been very active (for me) for the last two weeks. Time to crawl back into my hole. I am tired and ready to hide for a couple of weeks now.