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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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2006.178 Six Flags
marvin pondering
Today's Movie Quote: "Is says here she tried to kill you at an - exercise class? … She tried to kill me at an exorCISM."

         I have been busy for a change. Last Thursday was a day of shopping. Friday had me doing home projects. Saturday was spent writing. Sunday found me at Six Flags. Yesterday I healed (myself not others).

         I'll forego a report on Thursday as I believe I've already given you that. Friday was clean-up day with more than a bit of sorting and discarding. Something that has needed done for quite a while. Of course, having done that, I could do it again about ten times with no difficulty and still have more discarding to do.

         My writing day was unproductive in a sense but still useful. I managed to get little onto "paper" so to speak but did at least get back into my old composing habits. I hope it won't take too long to start producing something I'm willing to show the world.

         The day at Six Flags was fun. My son and daughter (Joe and Lisa) took my sister Janet and I in hand for the day. I think next time I go I'll have to let everyone else run about and just wander the place on my own. I am much to slow to keep up with everyone. Perhaps I need to bring my own crowd of lepers and cripples with me.

         The great roller-coaster experiment has been performed. I have learned what I wanted to know. I should not ride roller-coasters anymore. I've not done so since becoming blind and it is no longer much fun for me. I find I can't anticipate the motion and it leaves me banging against the car too often and more than a little urpy at the end of the ride. I find myself pretty sad about that. I hate giving up roller-coasters. They were a big thing for me. I may try again later in the summer. "Never try just once, you might have missed something."

         The day was a success otherwise. We roamed and did all the things one does at an amusement park. We saw only one show. Michael Roya, I think, a magician/entertainer. I enjoyed his performance. Luckily I got to sit in the front row and could see fairly well.

         Joe, Lisa, and Janet went to the water park while I stayed behind. I don't do water.

         I didn't buy any souvenirs. I usually get a caricature done as my souvenir of choice. I don't know why I skipped it this time. Shopping was not that big a thrill overall. I didn't see all that much stuff I wanted. Maybe I have finally outgrown wanting stuffed Marvin Martian dolls? Naah!

         I displayed amazing psychic water-repelling ability on the thunder river ride. While everyone else in the raft was soaked I was only wet. At one point, I am convinced, I repelled us from a waterfall by sheer force of will. Wet I like, soaked is not for me.

         I should mention that wet did not work out all that well for me. I got some sunscreen in my left eye and had to go to first aid to have them rinse it out. It was miserable for quite a while. It is in fact still a bit blurrier than normal.

         I'm going to try to organize a "Walkers in Darkness Day" at Six Flags for the Missouri crowd. I think it would be a cool trip. The mentally disturbed and amusement parks just belong together.

         Now I am laying about trying to recuperate. My feet hurt, my hips hurt, and just about everything else hurts. It's a good thing.


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Hey, if my goal in visiting Japan is to buy a stuffed Hello Kitty in full kimono, you can have the stuffed Marvin. Hey, I want a stuffed Marvin too!

Ok, the line "The mentally disturbed and amusement parks just belong together." is seriously quote worthy! ENTIRELY amused by that.

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