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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Voice Post:
nanowrimo 2010
969K 5:19
“Today's movie quote: "Crazy, am I? We'll see whether I'm crazy or not!"
I'm using the voicepost today mainly because I'm too lazy to type. I haven't done a voice post in a *long* time - I've really done very few at all, actually. Little has changed in my end of the world, little ever does. I saw my shrink Tuesday. We spent most of the day talking about nothing. Or most of the hour talking about nothing. My therapy has degenerated into conversation. I saw my psychiatrist the day after that. He simply continued my medications unchanged. At the moment I'm feeling better than I have for a while: I'm a bit more alert, a bit more able to write, a bit more able to simply think. It's a good thing, probably.
Thursday I spent with my son Joe. He and I basically went mall-crawling. I had some petty shopping to do. It was an excuse for he and I to do some time, spend the day together. We haven't done that in a year. He just graduated from Basic Training. He's National Guard. He's in the Chemical Corps. I'm very proud of that particular choice that he made. It's a hazardous specialty. I think it suits his personality well. It's kind of techie, and I'm very proud of him for making it through the Basic Training. I think it's a good thing the's done. I think he'll do well. We had sushi at a restaurant called Osaka in Columbia, Missouri. It was good but not impressive. The service was poor. We pretty much got lost - dropped through the cracks somewhere - had to wait a very long time to eat. Apart from that, the food was alright. After lunch, we took in a movie. We saw "Nacho Libre" I recommend to anyone that you allow somebody else to spend money renting this for you. Time spent on this movie is a great enough loss without compunding things by spending money. It's time you'll never get back. I'm disappointed that Jack Black has failed so completely in this one. I like Jack Black. I kept thinking throughout the movie that at any minute it would start getting funny, but it never did. It has a few moments, you'll see most of them in the previews. Just, in a word, disappointing.
My writing these days is in an odd place. I have the urge to write and I am composing things in my head, but they never make the transition to paper or to disc or whatever. They never get written. I guess I'm still blocked after a fashion.
For those of you on the edge of the seat to know how I'm sleeping, it's still a problem. I'm using a c-pat (?) machine these days. A c-pat machine is basically similar to strapping a hair dryer to your nose and taping your mouth shut. I'm not sure why this is supposed to be a good thing. I'm not becoming accustomed to this as I was assured I would. I find it such an effor to exhale that sleep doesn't really enter the equation, and when I finally take the machine off after an hour of futility, I find that I'm so fully awake that I don't get much sleep for the rest of the night. My plan is to berate my doctor and the company that supplied this device, until I understand what's going on. I can't believe I'm not doing something wrong. It's just inconceivable to me that the way this is currently working that anyone uses this this way and finds it beneficial. I just feel like I don't understand what I'm supposed to be doing.
I really wish I had something to add. There's really nothing exciting going on in my life at the moment. Today's movie quote was from the original Frankenstein, the 1931 version. I wish you all well!
(I think the background music was from The Goldberg Variations, J.S. Bach)”

Transcribed by: ringbark

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You sound pretty lively to me! Actually, I think that's the first time I've ever heard your voice.
I'm surprised that you got really bad service at Osaka's. Really, they are usually much better than that!
My therapy has also degenerated into conversation...which may be a good thing for me, perhaps. I can't tell.

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