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Today's Movie Quote: "It seems that the music has turned disgustingly French."

         Today is a day for summarizing things. I'll make a list and let it go at that for now.

I've been badly over-medicated on seizure medication for a while, keeping me from writing or doing much of anything at all.
That now seems to be corrected. I can write. I am thinking better. I wake at a reasonable hour (before noon). I am using the computer again.
My muse has long been silent.
This too seems to be corrected. I've been composing poetry. I've written nothing but the urge to do so is back. Something should be forthcoming soon.
My health has been rocky.
It still is. Headaches have troubled me and my diabetes is out of control. My last blood test showed problems with both glucose levels and cholesterol. That latter is a new problem, as I have never had more than a mildly elevated cholesterol level — over the years I have relished the fact that this has annoyed my doctors.
My vision is getting worse.
It is odd. My vision itself is not altering. What is actually happening is that my visual memory is failing me. I have been able to read quite a bit and to move well by making accurate guesses based upon memory of what things look like. Text on screen, captions on television, subtitles at the movies, such things have been usable by me not so much because I could see them well but because I could see them well enough to make insightful guesses that had enough accuracy to be useful. My ability to do this is failing, perhaps because there is no reinforcement of the images. When I see a word on screen now grocery and geography are much more likely to be confused than in the past. Context is of course useful, essential, to me. Regrettably, this is slowing my already slowed reading speed to the point where I am missing ever more.
I'm still chatting online.
Walkers in Darkness has a chat room that I frequent. I recommend it highly. It is billed as for BiPolar and depression, but it is a cool place for anyone with troubles to talk about.

         Enough for now, perhaps more tomorrow or tonight.


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