Karl (louderback) wrote,

2006.166 Some noise at last

Today's Movie Quote: "…you seem anxious. Why do you flee at the very sight of me?"

         My long silence is broken.

         First, a little business. aubuchonz E-mail me. I have lost your phone and e-mail address and can't remember the name of the company you work for now.

red_pandora or anyone from Inkwell Manor. Get in touch. What has happened to the manor. Now that I am back, nobody is there. I want to find Caleb and some of the others.

         My absence I will blame on my health, my convenient excuse for so many things in my life. I have been badly over-loaded with medications that have left me somnolent nearly all day long for some time now. Only recently have enough people noticed my zombie-like behavior to object to my doctors on my behalf and get the medications restricted to a point where I can once again speak without drooling.

         Oh very well! I exaggerate! The truth is that I have been taking a number of anti seizure medications that have left me sleepy and have kept my poor addled brain functioning at such a low level that I have hardly used the computer at all for some weeks. I have mostly lounged about in the aptly named chaise-de-coma and watched television. Any effort requiring actual thought beyond "me hungry" and "me go pee" were far beyond my capacity. My docs recently reduced my medications to a level that would stun a Clydesdale rather than a mutant rhinoceros and I find that I am now able to use three syllable words. I'll have to get off the medicine entirely to lose the Missouri accent, but that's something for another posting.

         I traveled yesterday for the first time in a long time. I suppose it was really since January or February of 2005. I took a two hour ride to Fort Leonard Wood and spent half a day on-post attending graduation ceremonies for my son Joe's Army Basic Training platoon. He is in the Chemical Corp. The ceremony was not overly impressive, about on the order of a well-rehearsed high-school assembly where parents gather to see their baton-twirlers twirl and their kids run about in athletic uniforms so they can get pictures taken. I don't compare it to a graduation ceremony, because unlike most of those, this one was organized.

         My pride in my son's graduation is excessive. It is the natural behavior of a parent to be excessively proud of their children's achievements, so I make no claim to being unbiased. Joe has I think created a bit of a milestone for himself in joining the National Guard and in choosing the Chemical Corp. I believe he will do us all proud. As he is now returning home unemployed, he'll be looking for some sort of work while deployed on "operation living room" as I heard him put it.

         I'll be updating more regularly now. More about me soon.


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