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2006.78 Few & far between

Today's Movie Quote: "That's the truth of his life; the dreamers exhaust us, they must die before they kill us with their blasted dreams."

         The updates have been few. I have had little enough to report yet I have been quite busy too.

         Writing — I've done none. I am striving to do some today and may post later. I'm finding it difficult to concentrate despite medication.

         Health — Things are going to Hell faster than I would like. I'm seeing the neurologist Wednesday morning, that being the earliest appointment I can get. I may force an appointment by going to the emergency room if things get much worse. My legs and hands are twitching, spasming, quite erratically at odd intervals. I think I have nerve damage somewhere or maybe a compressed disk. My arthritis is acting up rather severely as well. My hands are now sufficiently tender that typing is, for the first time, an effort and a painful one.

         Sleep — The ongoing saga… I've become nocturnal. I seldom manage to get to sleep before 4am despite taking my quite a number of pills every night. I am sleeping more hours than formerly, but I still don't feel rested.


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