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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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2006.69 an unproductive day
nanowrimo 2010
Today's Movie Quote: "Let's have an intelligent conversation here: I'll talk, and you listen."

         As usual, I seem to be coming down with something. Dry eyes, dry throat, sleeplessness, sciatica, extreme pain in the legs and feet, my usual headache is multiplied by some large factor, and I just generally feel rotten. Flu? I'm doing zicam, maybe that'll help.

         No writing has been possible the last few days. I can't say why, save that when I attempt anything of the sort I just turn away from it. Attitude is defeating me more than anything else at the moment. I've not written much since experiencing these regular and extended bouts of dissociation. Perhaps there is a relationship there somewhere.

         Lunch today, and dinner, was barbecued chicken. Sis cooked them on the grill, so it was rather a treat. I over-ate and wasted the entire afternoon snacking on chicken and wasting time watching episodes of Futurama and Family Guy. I should really have done something more productive.

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