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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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2006.64 Drug problems
Today's Movie Quote: "It's more comfortable for you to label me as insane."

         The last few days have been bad medicine days. The problem has been my pharmacy. I ordered replacements for diabetes meds on Thursday to be delivered Friday. They didn't deliver, and I didn't notice until too late to call them. I spoke to them Saturday after going a full day without any avandamet. They said they couldn't fill the order until Monday. Not good, but not disastrous. They called back half an hour later to tell me they didn't know when they could fill it. There seems to be a world-wide shortage of avandamet. Bull. The only reference I can find in the news is a statement that the shortage is over. I tried to call my doc, but his office answering machine wouldn't take a message. Perhaps there were a couple of dozen other people out of avandamet? He called in an alternative prescription, but it was a raging pain in the ass. I called a couple other pharmacies in town (there aren't all that many). All denied having any avandamet in stock. I called three pharmacies in a nearby town and got the same story. Real shortage I guess. At least in Mid-Missouri. Things are ok now, but my sugar went through the roof after almost two days (by the time I could get the stuff picked up) and I felt sick all day today even though I've been getting good readings on the glucose meter.

         Pernoctation continues unabated. I just am not sleeping properly no matter what drugs I take. I am tired all the time and continuously irritable. Something has to change.

         I've done nothing productive in the last week or so. No prose, no poetry, no writing of any sort. I haven't even been cooking or such. I need badly to do something creative, I just can't figure out what it'll be.

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Aw, man. That sound's pretty bad.

As for writer's block... I don't know the cure, but I usually just do something out-of-character to get away from it.

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