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2006.62 Obnoxious phone calls

Today's Movie Quote: "Shit! I hate not being the bad guys!"

         Today has been one of those days. I got a call from some froth-at-the-mouth rabid bill collector who insisted that either Nancy McGrew lived here or I knew where she did. I was very polite for a very long time and finally hung up. He called back instantly and began yelling. I couldn't capture his phone number because it was blocked. I tried *99 (to report an obscene call) and it said it wouldn't work on that number. What's the point on having a "harassing number" feature if you can't use it on everyone? The clear implication is that some people are allowed to harass me. It's like the call block feature that blocks everyone but charities and politicians from calling me. THOSE were the people I wanted blocked!

         Inkwell Manor is up to some new tricks. They have opened a forum and assigned roles for a "murder mystery" sort of role play. I am enjoying it so far.

          I am finding it hard to concentrate lately. I am still in the throes of full dissociation and it is very inconvenient. I am becoming accustomed to the effect but I still don't like it.

         I want to develop some sort of a routine for the day but lack the enterprise to formulate anything rigorous. I find that I am wasting all my time of late. It is not that I lack things to do. Housework alone could account for a full day many days but I can't seem to get myself organized enough to get started on anything at all, much less follow through. Wah! Wah! Wah! I can feel myself beginning to whine, so I'll leave now and fill in more later or tomorrow, whenever.

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