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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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nanowrimo 2010
Today's Movie Quote: "Well, whatever you do, however terrible, however hurtful, it all makes sense, doesn't it, in your head. You never meet anybody that thinks they're a bad person."

         I've failed to keep my pledge made on the 19th to write 1k words of prose a day. I did so for 3 days. That, I suppose, can be called a mitigated failure. 3k words of prose is vastly more than I've produced in a long while. My poetry has been pouring out at a steady rate. It seems I can't do both simultaneously. In my autobiography, I guess I'll just call this my rhyming phase and give it a short chapter.

         You can find the things I've been writing all over Inkwell Manor, louderpoetry, and louderprose. I am also interested in the LJ communities poetryforms and poetssociety but have posted nothing there not found elsewhere.

         Of interest, to me at least, is Flash Fiction 55, a writing challenge which requires an entire story in 55 words. I like the one below.

Don snapped the photograph. He turned and ran black hair blowing. Three toughs followed. Down three alleys, over fences, finally he evaded them through a restaurant kitchen. At home he developed pictures of murder. The police took them and him. Thugs burned his apartment. They killed his cat. He testified. He lives in Savannah now.

         I've done seven or so of these now. I find them addictive. This is by far the best. It seems fairly complete to me. It has a beginning, the taking of a photo. It has a middle, the burning of the apartment, etc. It has an end, testifying and moving to Savannah. A lot can be inferred. There is a bit of character development too, we know a little about Don. His name. He is a photographer or an avid amateur because he develops his own pictures. He has long black hair. He can run and jump over fences. He lives in a city big enough to have fenced back alleys. One can presume him a man of some daring for having taken the photograph at all and a man of conscience for testifying despite intimidation. Finally, he is a "cat person".

         I failed in writing my 1k bits of prose, I think, because they were simply not at all enjoyable. I am not thinking of the subject matter when I say so, I always tend toward doom & gloom, but of the process. The process of writing prose was once quite effortless for me, enjoyable really, and was done swiftly and with a certain feeling of releasing pent-up energy or constrained ideas. These recent pieces have been uncomfortable to write in that it is a genuinely painful effort to train my attention on a page for long enough to do it (1k words now takes me about an hour to compose and at 20 wpm most of an hour to type and revise)

         I am going to continue to grind out some 1k prose. I will look for some "challenges" of some sort. bahia offers such in linebyline and I will look for some "writing challenge" communities to offer me either inspiration or some sort of framework for a 1k writing effort. If anyone has ideas, sites, even challenges, please let me know.