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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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2006.54.1 Bringer of Dreams

Bringer of Dreams

He enters, evil, the bringer of dreams
And stalks to his place where candlelight streams.
The table's set for a feast of renown,
The servers pale in their shimmering gowns.

The lord of dreams is feasting
On the minds of men asleep.

Gathered round him ancient nightmare shadows
Cast reflections on minds in sleeping's throes.
Men twist beneath the baleful blades of fear
And call out night terrors that all may hear.

The lord of dreams is feasting
On the minds of men asleep.

His glistening blood-cup is raised on high
He quaffs it with a bold demonic sigh.
It drains and souls of men turn cold and dark
And dying spirits give up their last spark.

The lord of dreams is feasting
on the minds of men asleep.

The dawn is coming slow but yet apace
Dreamlord pulls his hood o'er his ghastly face.
The night-feast is ended - terror has flown
Men wake to the day - are no more alone.

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I don't have words appropriate for how excellent this one is. Masterful! I would like to see it published where many people can see it.

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