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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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2006.33 Poetry in the extreme
nanowrimo 2010

On the Future Fixed

My gaze seems ever on the future fixed
and all I see is horror-filled and black.
I would not live, such horror in our midst
and all the world derailed, far off the track.

I cannot pull my fevered vision free
of that which 'fore me hideously looms.
There seems no end to visions that I see
nor limits to cascading, awful dooms.

Repetition and cacophony lie
as blankets smothering my eyes' torments,
while corruscating flames, a fun'ral pyre,
surround my thoughts a harsh, confining fence.

My eyes are never free of sights of doom.
I'm filled with ever growing certainty.
Within my soul i harbor no more room.
That which I see will be the end of me.

Strike a Chord

Things of gentle tenor can strike a chord
and reverberate within the mind's eye
staying before you like a fiery sword
grim in the headsman's hands before you die.

Presentiments of awful failings loom
before one with a near-seductive call.
Better to end and get on with your doom
than to continue strife before you fall

Strike a Chord

Strike a chord! And wring the lute-strings dry as bone!
Shout out! And bring the marching soldiers home!
Sing loud! And let the families rejoice!
Wring tight the strings of lyres and let them go.

Return to us you soldiers from afar!
Come back to give us of your lives once more!
Bring to us your tales of faith and glory
but bring not back the tragedies of war.

Strike a Chord
2nd Reprise in Haiku
Long 3-5-3 syllables

strike a chord
let ring all the bells
joyous noise

Short 2-3-2 syllables

sing out
the bells sing

Traditional 5-7-5 syllables
(same number as in Japanese)

familiar sounds heard
intimate whispers strike a chord
i know your soft sound

English 7-9-7 syllables

strike a chord at your return
joyously we dance for you are safe
we never thought you'd come back

Freeform 17 syllables
(three phrases, short, longer, short)

strike a chord well-known
give heart by the sound of the lyre
fill men with new resolve