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2006.21 Seizure and a day in bed

Today's Movie Quote:

Lamont Cranston: I dreamed I tore all the skin off my face and was somebody else underneath.
Margo Lane: You have problems.
Lamont Cranston: I'm aware of that.

         I'm aware of that.

         Today I had a rather bad seizure at a little after 3 o'clock. It happened in one of the better locations, in a wide open spot in the floor. I don't appear to have kicked or head-butted anything. I did however throw out my back rather spectacularly and my hip hurts. I've been lying down since around four and with a little application of heat I now feel slightly better. After a night's sleep I will re-examine the situation. If I can't walk better by morning than I can now I'm going to go to the doctor.

         Lying in bed I discovered an old LJ that I have not used since 2002. I am going to re-activate it. That might or might not cause this one to become more sparse. The other LJ is the diary of a character in one of my more lengthy stories, written in the first person. I don't know if I'll be interested enough in doing that again to maintain anything there, but it may satisfy my desire to write prose.

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