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2006.20.2 Monster beneath the bed

Another poem in louderpoetry and some SaiFaiku beneath the cut also found at my website. New are: Nano Doctor, Spaceflight, and Alien Lover.
SciFaiku is simply Haiku with any, all, or none of the usual rules with the inclusion of one simple constraint: the topic must be related to science fiction. My efforts will attempt to adhere to the The SciFaiku Manifesto.

Nano Doctor

Long 3-5-3 syllables

nano Doc
cure me unseen bots
rebuild me

Short 2-3-2 syllables

inject bots

Traditional 5-7-5 syllables
(same as in Japanese)

nano doctor please
move my molecules around
build me back up again

English 7-9-7 syllables

inject me with the unseen
move around my atoms with your tech
make me well from inside out

Freeform 17 syllables
(three phrases, short, longer, short)

nanobots slide into the skin
they do their work invisibly and clean
they leave you healthy


Long 3-5-3 syllables

long time out
i pass through the stars
I'm ignored

Short 2-3-2 syllables

starlight streams
I dream

Traditional 5-7-5 syllables
(same as in Japanese)

long years of travel
new worlds at the very end
empty planets wait

English 7-9-7 syllables

I sleep as galaxies pass
none wait at my landing site
no one ever has been there

Freeform 17 syllables
(three phrases, short, longer, short)

In cryosleep half a universe passes
nebulae and galaxies ignore my flight
light itself runs beside my window

Alien Lover

Long 3-5-3 syllables

the one who knows me

Short 2-3-2 syllables

silver one

Traditional 5-7-5 syllables
(same as in Japanese)

I learned about me
knowing unknowable you
perfect mate for me

English 7-9-7 syllables

wandering space-lanes a tramp
you do things you don't expect to do
take an alien lover

Freeform 17 syllables
(three phrases, short, longer, short)

we could not be more different
from our galaxies in so far apart
yet we could not be closer

Tags: poetry, scifaiku

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