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2006.20 A Rant for the Rev

Today's TV Quote: "When I told Dad I was scared of the thing in my closet, he gave me a .45."

         Today looks to be uneventful. I have plans for two poems which I may post later. My listening for the day is out of the usual rut. I don't know when I collected over fifty performances by the Vienna Boy's Choir and various pieces of Choral music, but they are on my hard drive, and, excluding the Christmas songs, I'm listening to them all today.

         I am compelled to rant about something mentioned by wiredferret, namely the odious Rev. Phelps. This bozo apparently interrupts funerals with a mob of followers to tell the bereaved that their soldier kin were killed as a part of God's vengeance against homosexuals. Even if it somehow turns out he is right, the breach of manners in desecrating a funeral service is an "eating" offense in my book. I recall Hannibal Lecter used to eat certain people with the idea of improving humanity in general. He devoured a flautist to improve the sound of a symphony. I commend to his attention the Rev. Phelps. Lacking Hannibal's attentions, may the Reverend sink to the depths of the ocean with a great stone upon his chest that may slowly squeeze the air and life from him there his eyes to be food for fishes, his tender parts tidbits for turtles and crustaceans, and his entrails the nest of twining eels. I like him not.

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