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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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2006.5 Haiku posted today
nanowrimo 2010
Today's Movie Quote: "Have you tried talking to a corpse? It's boring."


I've been doing a little writing, posted a haiku in haikudom which I'll not inflict on you here. It is not a style I particularly relish nor for which I have a great affinity but I feel compelled to the form on occasion with execrable results. I've resolved a number of times to try my hand at some free verse but I somehow am unable to express myself well in such fashion. Rhyming poetry is my preference and I am enamored of verse with considered meter and a rhyme-scheme that is rigidly enforced. I recall a definition of the word "Incompossible" as being: the inability of two things to simultaneously exist as Gods mercy to man and the poetry of Walt Whitman. Incompossible is a single word for the more common phrase "mutually exclusive". Perhaps encountering this definition in my malleable youth has forever warped my ability to commit free verse. Oh well, the sonnet will never die as a poetic form.

Otherwise Uneventful

The day has been slow. I rose late from my slumbers and did little all day but eat. There's been no television worth watching during the day for some time now. I have hopes for a number of evening shows that are at the beginnings of their new season. I look forward to developments in CSI, Supernatural, and Medium. With luck, some of the other twenty or more shows I follow will develop well too.

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Like those haikus! Especially the last one.

More from the other day

You mentioned seeing something in an earlier post during the week, that seemed to fit the situation you're in, South Park I think it was, can't recall and it was only five minutes ago! (I had to join live journal to send you a comment).

Anyway, I saw a mostly good show on Cartoon Network or some such channel this weekend called something like Fosters's Home for Imaginary Friends. There is this very tall spindly character named Wilt who is always doing for others even at his own expense, He want's to watch the big Basketball game but his friend wants more chips then someone eats the chips getting him to do something else and it just goes on and on until finally he has the courage to say NO! Right at the end of the game, the best game ever.

That is certainly me. I am in soooo much trouble (I won't say exactly what kind of trouble) because of this trait in me. My Dad seemed to have it, too, and of course Terry, actually everyone BUT my sister. Maybe she's the normal one after all! She just moved to western KY to open a costume business with a friend. She's been doing Molly Brown performances at shows and at the Titanic Museum in Orlando. Half of me wants her to finally succeed at this and the other half just knows it's not going to fly and the 20,000 or so she might have left from buying a house on-line will just be eaten away.

Yeah, I had savings once, but Sean was going to be put back into the third grade for the third time, so we put him into a private school that has destroyed our savings. Of course Cristina felt now was the time to go to EPCOT and spend an amount equal to this tuition we don't have just because we had a free place to stay. We still have a free place to stay, my Niece didn't move to KY and is doing well as a manager at Universal working for TV Preview, grabbing people and asking how they like pilots (My Name is Earl didn't test well)

Anyway, i'm still slogging for the Spa company but any day now I expect them to discover my output is down and fire me.

The one bright note (other than Sean when he gets his homework done w/o tears) is that I found Linda at classmates.com and we've been conversing since April. The bad part of that, other than she still looks pretty damn good for 39 (in a few weeks) is that she's married to an even bigger jerk than she thought she was getting rid of when she dumped me! We've been laughing a lot about that lately, and to show how many YEARS ago that was, Dec 21st was the 20th Anniversary of meeting her at your winter solstice party. She divorced her husband, but has to remarry the guy again so she can travel to the US for a green card, her kids are US citizens.

Anyway, the only show I regullary watch is Lost. We all really got into it. Last year we couldn't get enough of House, but we just got direct TV in August (so now we can finally SEE what we are watching) and we are watching other things now. I hate the fact that when we moved in 1999, I had to miss, due to poor reception, all of "Ed" on NBC.

yeah well, I got to go, keep your chin up and I'll try to keep mine up, too. You might still have my e-mail address.

Re: More from the other day

I'm glad to hear from you Frank. I'll try the e-mail I have for you and let you know here if it does not work.

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