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Today's Movie Quote: "You seem somewhat familiar. Have I threatened you before?"

         I don't feel at all well today. I went out briefly in mid-afternoon to convert the cell phone to a "go phone" contract. We are putting less than two hours a month on the thing, it is marginally worth it. I believe the cost of the phone will be less than $30 per month at this point. That still works out to around 25¢ per minute, but it is better than the larcenous flat fee we were paying.

         I tried to balance the monthly budget this month and discovered that our grocery bill is out of control. I don't know precisely what to do about it, but something Draconian is required.

         I've surrendered a number of luxuries in the wake of the budget crisis. Netflix is gone, World of Warcraft is no more, I've converted telephone service to a cheaper plan, converted cable television to a cheaper plan, no dining out will take place in January, nor any delivery dinners, Sis's online has been dropped. In February, the car insurance will have to change, AAA road service will have to go in favor of something much cheaper. Sis has quit smoking (big savings of over $100 a month) and I am giving up soft drinks (saving over $30 a month). Next month Cable goes on the chopping block and the phone goes from Sprint to Vonage or some such. I am going to keep the DSL line until the last possible moment as both Sis and I are heavy users, but if we are not balancing in March, it will be dial-up for the household. That means I'll probably have to buy a modem obviating any savings for at least 30 days. If gas prices hold, it may be necessary to seriously curtail travel or even try to trade the vehicle. I hate this mode.


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