Karl (louderback) wrote,

seizures in series

Rough Week

          Since Thursday last I've had three severe seizures. I usually have that many in the course of a month. I guess my luck is running out. I have now had well over 50 seizures without an injury worse than bumps and bruises or a sprained joint or pulled muscles. Last Thursday I had two seizures in the same day, the first while lying down which nonetheless wrecked my right knee. That evening I face-planted against the hardwood floor in the kitchen, and in addition to kicking the shit out of my aging dishwasher, hurt my knee again and bruised my right eye. It took a few days for my depth perception to return to normal but I think my eye is otherwise uninjured.

          Today I had the weirdest seizure, if that's what it was, I've ever had. I blacked out while standing in line at the wal-mart checkout. I threw my cane far enough for a field goal and went from vertical to horizontal while unconscious. Now here's the weird thing, I was out so briefly that I was actually able to try to catch myself while still falling. It was more of a "blackout" than a seizure as I have had them in the past. It gets weirder though. Amidst a thunderous herd of anxiety-stricken pseudo management I was escorted to a bench near the checkout where I sat and had something resembling the beginnings of another seizure. I began to shake internally, if that makes any sense to you, and the muscles of my arms and hands went absolutely rigid. I slid off the bench, but never lost consciousness, getting back to normal after only a few seconds.

          By the end of that epic journey I simply came home changed clothes (you don't want the details) and tried to get warmed up. A big blue blanket and a couple of hours later. I felt pretty normal. My back is in miserable shape and the knee which was feeling better is now feeling like it is made of stale spaghetti (has a tendency to make crunchy noises when I walk). If things are not better in the morning I am going to the emergency room.


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