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the weather here sucks

          Last night was another of those nights. You know the sort — the ones where simply not sleeping would have been better. I dozed or napped an hour at a time all night without ever actually resting and without actually ever being fully alert. Nights like that my dreams, or hallucinations, are free-form and usually unpleasant.

          I've been away from my online gaming for a week (WOW) and miss it a bit. I am going through some stuff that makes gaming more of a burden than a pleasure. I have had the flu, or something close to it. Compounded with the variable and unpleasant weather of this week, I have been physically miserable.

          My latest rounds of medications don't please me. Is anyone surprised? Rozerem doesn't seem to work as a sleep aid for me. Cymbalta has done something for me. I'm not precisely sure what, but I conclude that it is an improvement because I've been updating this journal more regularly and have written at least four poems in the last ten days. It is a relief to be writing again. Still, that aside, I can't say it has improved my mood. I'd give a lot to wake in the morning feeling like I had something I wanted to do.


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