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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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the weather here sucks

          Last night was another of those nights. You know the sort — the ones where simply not sleeping would have been better. I dozed or napped an hour at a time all night without ever actually resting and without actually ever being fully alert. Nights like that my dreams, or hallucinations, are free-form and usually unpleasant.

          I've been away from my online gaming for a week (WOW) and miss it a bit. I am going through some stuff that makes gaming more of a burden than a pleasure. I have had the flu, or something close to it. Compounded with the variable and unpleasant weather of this week, I have been physically miserable.

          My latest rounds of medications don't please me. Is anyone surprised? Rozerem doesn't seem to work as a sleep aid for me. Cymbalta has done something for me. I'm not precisely sure what, but I conclude that it is an improvement because I've been updating this journal more regularly and have written at least four poems in the last ten days. It is a relief to be writing again. Still, that aside, I can't say it has improved my mood. I'd give a lot to wake in the morning feeling like I had something I wanted to do.

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Oh, I know about those sleepless night where ya hang out between sleep and wakefullness, and when it's time to hoist yourself out of bed, you have gotten no rest, so ya wish you just stayed up and gotten things done. *hugs* Those nights suck.

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