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Claire: [who is blind] "I don't mind being blind: I'll never have to see ugliness, or poverty, or pollution, or the Chevrolet Nova"

An unusual report

I'm staying here Met with my shrinkologist today. I guess I am not going inpatient. Maybe there never was a danger of that but for whatever reason, I now feel the danger has passed. *whew*
Cold Weather Blues I am aching and ravaged by the frigid sub-70 temperatures. My right knee, hip, and elbow ache miserably. I wonder if I can get a nice warm flannel suit split vertically? Perhaps I could wear an ankle-length serape down my right side? I know they make electric socks... maybe I could get electric, knee, shoulder, and hip pads of some sort. Naah! I already look too much like a cyborg.
I keep missing dates Lu, Hans, and about six other people have had birthdays in the last few week, and I have missed them all. Well, call me self-absorbed. I have developed an amazing ability to procrastinate, ignore, and just plain miss out on important dates, appointments, events and whatnot. I wonder if it is a function of my depression or if it is simply that I now care as little about others' birthdays as I do my own?

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