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"Never look too deep into the mind of a lawyer."

An unusual report

Things are not working out… I've been tired and irritable for a week. Today I lost about half my friends list by clicking some button somewhere. I intended to make some calls this morning that just didn't happen. I intended to mail some checks and that just didn't happen. We won't talk about breakfast. I feel I should bring up the laundry at this point but it makes me feel bad to talk about it.
Happy Birthday to Lu! I forgot to get you a present. I forgot to get you a card. Oh well, it's the thought that counts.
Aches The weather is a convenient repository for blame this week. The weather is making my joints an ache-fest, the Cheez Whiz in my sinuses to seek sea level, and the possibility of sleep a remote one. Damned weather!
Hannibal Thomas Harris has apparently written story involving Hannibal Lecter. Various titles are reported as well as start dates for filming from 9/05 through 12/06. Behind the Mask seems the consensus on titles. It depresses me to the bitter depths that I will never be able to read this book. I am tired of being reminded of the things I will never again do.

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