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Nothing much to say

Unhappy Day

          Today was one of those days. I spent the entire day being "unhappy" (quotes because I'm not at all certain what I mean by that) and doing nothing about it.

          I visited my neurologist this morning and that is always a little disheartening. I like my doctor, but I really hate getting his depressing assessments of my physical and mental devolution. He tells me my frequent bouts of nausea are the food I eat, not my medicine or any other condition. I refuse to endure a bland diet. I'd rather be nauseous. I don't think my diet is at all unreasonable. I tend toward meat-and-potatos meals, which are not conducive to losing weight, but hardly what I'd call nauseating. I want a second opinion.

          I accomplished basically nothing today. My one activity, apart from the doctor visit, was to enter and leave World of Warcraft a zillion times in order to get the user interface customizations I use working again. It seems barely worth the effort of having them if they cost me a day of play every time the game gets an update.

I really have nothing to say today, to I? I'll shut up now.


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