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Hee Haw Life

Jack Sparrow: If you were waiting for the opportune moment, that was it.


If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all. Gloom, despair, and agony on me!

Where to begin? The end of a months-long drought came about the Monday the roofers came. They got half my roof stripped of shingles and got rained on. Eventually the roof got finished, but it took two weeks instead of two days. There's several thousand dollars gone. I do get a whopping $9 reduction on my homeowners insurance! Let's see, $9 over the life of the roof, that means I will have reduced the net cost of the roof by about half of one percent. The largesse of insurance companies can be compared only to the generosity of bankers.

The Lawn

Then there was the landscaping. I've been digging all summer to line an 18" strip on either side of the front walk with lava rock and a line of bricks. Don't ask. My son came to help and was not the kind of help I wanted. <sigh>Much has been done, but I will have to re-do most of it.</sigh>

Moving Furniture

I allowed someone to buy from me a chest and dresser. They will "pay me later", so it may actually be a gift. I don't mind. The furniture was useless excess. It would have worked out better if, in the process of delivering this furniture, we had not backed out of the garage with the tailgate of the explorer open.

The repair on the tailgate is not covered by car insurance (just carry liability on a ten-year old vehicle) nor by homeowners. There's $500 down the tubes.

Garage Door

The garage door, now with the bottom frame sprung and daylight showing through, is (wonder of wonders!) covered by homeowner's insurance. With a $500 deductible. <sigh>This, it turns out is the approximate cost of the replacement door.</sigh>

Speaking of Tubes

Y'know how sausage comes in those little tubes of plastic-wrapped meat? I bought half a hog recently. We put it in the freezer and that day had some excellent pork chops. For breakfast the next morning — Sausage with biscuits and gravy.

That's all I got of over 150 pounds of meat. The freezer went bad, apparently seconds after putting the pork in it. There's the biggest part of $200 down the toilet.

The clean-up was astonishingly nasty. Nothing smells worse than rotting pork except rotting human.

The Wireless Network

I don' wanna talk 'bout it.

New Computer

Of course, just before this time of vast expenditure, I decided to bite the bullet and get my sis a new computer. She has been 'puterless for some time and I just couldn't see her suffer any longer. So there's $1k down the tubes at a time when I shouldn't have spent it had I known.<sigh>Where's my prescience when I need it?</sigh>

Windows and Feet

I may have related my recent delight at finally finding the fabric for the windows. We're putting some light draperies over the recently acquired blinds (I could have lived without 'em had I known). We have been shopping and had pretty much decided that we were going to have to spend about $24 a yard (17 yards worth) to get what we wanted. We lucked out and ordered it for $1.79 instead. Woo and likewise Hoo!

We keep calling. It keeps not being in. It's late.

With the vast amount of money saved on fabric, I felt justified in investing in footwear for me and my sis. I've related my delight in my new boulet boots elsewhere (I think). What I haven't mentioned is that sis ordered her own boulet's when I bought mine.

We keep calling. It keeps not being in. It's late.

The Hee Haw Song

Gloom, despair, and agony on me!
Deep, dark depression! Excessive misery!
If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all!
Gloom, desair, and agony on me!



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