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I've got my manhood uh, boothood ... back.

" You measure life with a ruler... and a bathroom scale."

An unusual report

A Good Day! It is not often that I get to report a good day. It didn't start all that well. I went to Columbia to see my shrink and arrived nearly fifteen minutes late. It wasn't actually all that bad because I wasn't really late... my appointment is on the 25th and I was actually a week early. It worked out.
Lunch Since I didn't have a doctor's appointment we decided to have lunch in Columbia. We ate at G&D Steak House. G&D has been around for over 30 years. They have good steak and excellend gyros. I had the latter, my sister the former. Replete with an enjoyable lunch we sought out … a fabric shop.
The Fabric Shop We've been looking for drapery fabric for a couple of months. My sis is going to make the draperies which are more or less the finishing touch on my living room. The draperies will make the room sufficiently dark for the projection TV. We drove a fairly long way to find the place but did find it at last and found the fabric we wanted with a minimal search. It is a subdued design we both like and which will suit the room well. Instead of the 17 yards of $24 per-yard material on which we expected to spend $400, the fabric we wanted cost $1.79 per-yard and what with ordering and various fees, we spend under $40. This of course inspired a spending spree. Can't go saving money.
The Boot Store Larry's Boots in Columbia, MO is basically a western store, but it has boots. My sister is the boot fancier in this case and has been looking for a decent pair of harness boots for over eighteen months. People either don't have 'em, won't order 'em, or just plain can't get 'em. We walked in and it turns out Larry's stocks Boulet boots.. As things turned out, they didn't have a pair for her but did have a pair for me.

I must explain.

I wore old potato-toe harness boots for nearly 20 years. Pretty much the same pair. I gave 'em up when I began selling furniture for a living (long story, but they didn't look good with a suit). When I became a programmer (this involved getting shot.. another long story). I found that they too had to wear suits. My boot-wearing days were pretty much over. I have problems with my feet due to diabetic neuropathy. I won't give you the details, but after a lot of sturm und drang I would up wearing canvas loafers. They didn't hurt my feet and worked out even at my place of employment. When I "retired" I was once again free to where what I liked and found that boots were out of the question. Well, I tried on these boulet boots and Hallelujah! They don't hurt my feet! They support my ankles! I can't hurt my feet if I kick something (happens a lot when you're blind). I can walk NORMALLY! I don't have to shuffle about protecting my toes. My back feels straight! Holey Mackerel!

It is hard for me to explain how much better walking is (even when blind) when I don't have to tentatively shuffle about to protect my feet. I feel like I got my manhood back! Who needs viagra when you have Boulet!

After that we went home and my back didn't hurt. That hasn't happened after a shopping trip in about 3 years.

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