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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Jeden Tag das Selbe
nanowrimo 2010
"I understood writing could be dangerous. I didn't realize the danger came from the machinery."

Jeden Tag das Selbe…

Today I have no big plans for today. I am to see my shrinkologist George at 2:00. I need to get to work on the yard or the blue room, but more about that later.
Dogs Jirel and Nickki are doing fine. Jirel, at least, needs exercise. She is putting on weight and rather quickly. I am going to put both dogs on a "maintenance" diet. I'm on one, why shouldn't they be?
Projects I've been working slowly on the blue room; it needs another coat of paint. Once that is done, several tasks remain.

  • The doors and the trim around them and the window need stripping and re-staining. I haven't figured out precisely how to accomplish that for the window itself.

  • I want to replace the baseboards in that room. That will be a relatively easy task, but the baseboards themselves will have to be painted or stained before they can be installed.

  • I have been looking for crown moulding as well as baseboards and intend to do the blue room with some sort of crown moulding before I attempt to do that in any other room.

I have some out-of-doors projects underway also, but only one of them matters to me at the moment. I am laying down a bed of lava rock on either side of my front walk and intend to line that with brick. I have the materials, but the relatively minor digging task is difficult due to the heat and the very hard ground. I may have to water the yard to make it diggable.
Writing What writing? I have become spiritually constipated - something I think of as "Harshaw's Syndrome". If any of you are Heinlein readers you may recognize the reference. The cause of my malady is World of Warcraft. I've been playing the game for hours every day. I may ease off soon, anything becomes dull with enough repetition. I am enjoying the game, however and hope the interest lasts. Anyone got a spiritual laxative?
Books I am still not reading anything. Surprise! My sister, however has gone mad for the Laurell K. Hamilton series'. She has read the vampire and fairy series (whatever they are) serially in about a week. She was so pleased with the stories, I bought them for her as a gift. She likes to re-read. I always did.
Wrap-up Nothing really new going on. I am dieting. My dogs are dieting. My sister is reading incessantly. My projects are lagging behind.

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This really made me totally crack up. You sound like me, when people ask me how I am.

Your World of Warcraft is my "The Urbz." It sucks my time, it drains my will.

Yep, Laurell Hamilton's stuff is serious book crack. I got hooked too. How much vampire/were-animal/fairy erotica can I read? Obviously ALOT! *grin* heh.

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