Karl (louderback) wrote,

Long delayed entry

Weird Dreams

I was standing in a house that was "mine" but not like any I have ever lived in. I was leaning on the rail of the deck when I realized that it wasn't the deck, it was a rail across the front of my house which was apparently open to the outside.

That strangeness aside, I noticed that there was a goat on my lawn that was eating grass and defecating. This goat was on a leash leading to a large car parked in front of my house. I went outside to take exception to the owner walking her goat on my lawn and sat down in the front seat with the woman holding the goat's leash to remonstrate.

As we talked about the goat crapping on my lawn, four old blue haired ladies got into a handicapped space nearby and backed their enormous station wagon out of the space into the goat lady's car, snapping off the mirror. They drove on. She immediately followed.

In a rather harrowing car chase that ensued, our conversation about goat feces continued uninterestingly. Abruptly the station wagon ahead of us swerved to avoid what seemed to be a pile of cardboard that was laying across about 2/3 of the street. We followed and discovered another pile on the other side that caused us to make a hairpin turn. There were numerous such turns all because of piles of cardboard (maybe drywall?) until we suddenly found ourselves blocked by a truck that backed across the road completely and let the station wagon escape.

The construction foreman saw us stopped and came running up. He was apologetic, very polite and very sorry we had been inconvenienced. He asked us to pull "over here" and when we did, a vehicle full of large chunks of concrete immediately dumped a number of such chunks onto our hood and windshield.

Again the foreman was very apologetic and while he and a workman moved chunks of concrete off the car, the vehicle that dumped them in the first place backed over the passenger compartment of the car, crushing in inward and forcing me to lie down in the seat to avoid being squashed.

I woke up.


The pink room is now officially the white room. Three coats of "high hiding primer" later, the psycho pink color is now only a memory. The room still looks pinkish to me and to my sis, but objective opinion says the room is white.

I painted half the ceiling today and my sister did the other half. It will need another coat before we're done, then the white room can become the blue room.

Of course once that monumemental task is complete, We get to start on another bedroom.


Other News

Honestly, there is little. I am still playing "World of Warcraft" and enjoying it. Online games are great and this one of the few I can both see and enjoy. Finances are what they always are, strained. Time is at a premium always, though I actually have next to nothing to do. Household projects occupy my spare time, if an hour or two a week can be called "spare time". I lack dedication.

I am coming down with a cold. I am shopping for a chair repairman for Janet's living room chair.

My Aunt Muriel came to visit brought by her daughter Gayle. I always enjoy their visits, but like all other visits, I am deeply grateful when they are over. 

Janet and I went to see Fantastic 4, despite my resolution to stop going to movie theatres. I simply can't go anymore. I can't see, movies just remind me of that, and the traumatized feeling afterward, even if I enjoy myself is not worth it. Fantistic 4, by the way was great. They took some liberties with the comics, most notably with Dr. Doom, but they did nothing I couldn't live with. 

I see that Peter Jackson is doing King Kong (with Jack Black) and I am enthused based on the trailers. I hope it turns out well.

Joe and Lisa came to visit Sunday morning. I had such a headache that I went to lay down briefly shortly after they arrived. I didn't wake for hours and missed their entire visit.  



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