Karl (louderback) wrote,

It's been 9 days

More of the Same

It has been a while since I updated. Whining follows with a little bit of uninteresting personal news interspersed —

The Doc is at Me again

Two weeks ago my doctor's check-up was "bad". My A1C should be under 7 and was 11.9, a figure far from good for a diabetic. My cholesterol was over 250, up from a previous high of 163. That meant "diet". I have lost perhaps seven or eight pounds, I now weigh about 248, down from an approximate 255. I need to do more, but it doesn't seem to be happening. Even as we speak, Taco Bell is on the menu and brownies are in the kitchen.*sigh*

To my credit, I have been eating less and exercising more and I have lost those few pounds. Advice and assistance is welcomed. Anybody found a way to keep weight off and under control that isn't obnoxious?


I take pride in the fact that I don't think of "exercise" as inherently useless. Have you notice that people do that? They will run ten miles, but will not walk to the grocery a mile away and carry back a bag of groceries. One is exercise, the other is a "task". Somehow people think that for it to be exercise it must be useless.

I've put two coats of paint on my "studio". I've done a little landscaping, though I confess that the increments in which I am doing it provide next to no exercise. I find I'm badly limited by what my feet and back will permit me to accomplish. For example: my current landscaping task is to dig two "trenches" about fourteen inches wide and two inches deep along each side of my forty-foot sidewalk. I've done about twelve feet in two days, because after about hoeing loose and shoveling away about three feet of dirt, my back says "Stop!" most emphatically. It takes literally hours to recover and my back is in such shape that it will likely not be much better than it is no matter how I exercise. Another example: I used to walk almost a mile a day, walking my dog Jirel. That dropped to half a mile the to nothing when my feet began to burn so badly after even a block or so that I often wound up having to go to bed to recover. I have "neuropathy" in my feet and legs that presents as numbness beneath the skin and hypersensitivity of the skin from my knees down. This somehow means that even walking short distances causes me this pain.

Again, I solicit your advice? What kind of exercise can I do that will benefit? I have a (recumbent) exercise bike that I use but its benefits are limited.


The insurance company from Hell, UnumProvident, still hasn't sent me any information on what they're going to do about my pension. I guess I get to wait in suspense.

World of Warcraft

I am still playing the game. I don't know how long my interest will hold, but it is more playable for me than many online games. I find that the last few I've tried just sort of 'top out' at middle levels of achievement before I ever reach higher-level characters. Much of this is related to my vision, but often it is related to the fact that they force you to "group" with other characters. I haven't yet found a game in which I can do this as it forces you to read on-screen text. Such text is always too small for me to manage while doing anything else. Additionally, my reading speed is now so slow that a "look out" message or "I need assistance" would never be answered usefully. *sigh* World of Warcraft does seem to be sufficiently oriented on solo characters that I can get above the NOOB (Newbie) levels. Wish me luck! Any other players out there that can give me advice?


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