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  I've accomplished something reasonably important and can't seem to take any pleasure in it.
The problem  
  I went to Star Wars and found that it had pretty much signalled the end of my movie-going career. I had to sit quite close. Sitting so close, I found the edges of the screen beyond the range of my vision. When I sit close enough to see, I can't see enough to make it worth being in the theatre. This is mirrored by my situation at home where even a large screen requires me to be close. My 25" TV just wasn't cutting it.
The Solution  
  Concisely: Projected Television. I tried a rear projection TV. 65" was big enough for a screen, but I simply couldn't see it well enough. The picture was too dark and much too grainy.

I did some research and found the advice I'd received from others was, indeed, good. I bought a projection TV.

This was not a simple process. I had to travel to a neighboring town. It took a long while to understand everything that would be required, to find all the gear, to order from the right places. I enlisted my son to help me shop, setup, install, and otherwise wrestle the technology.

Today I have a picture of more than 100 inches width. I can sit (close) and see the entire screen. I see more television than I've seen for over a year. I have a good sound system, a television I can watch, a period of time in which I can watch movies and television again before my vision gets worse.

My viewing life is good again.
The Problem  
  I can't seem to enjoy this. I am pretending to be happy about the situation because of all the people involved who worked hard to help me make this happen, but I can't really be much impressed with theis accomplishment. Wow! I just accomplished really difficult tasks in three weeks that aren't difficult for anybody else and which could have been done in an afternoon by most people.

If you run a 100-yard dash, is 1 minute a "good time" as compared to the 10.8 seconds of a champion just because you have only 1 leg?

I keep coming back to the fact that everything I "accomplish" these days is petty and unimportant, and an "accomplishment" only because I choose to define it that way.

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