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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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And sometimes when you look into the abyss... the abyss looks back into you.
nanowrimo 2010

Awake at 4am ... again

Today Today was an uncommonly slow day for me. I can't say, but everything moved in slow motion, somehow. I woke late, took my meals late, watch movies that seemed interminable (all except one), and wound up going to bed early.
The Order I watched The Order (also titled "The Sin Eater") today. It starred Heath Ledger, Shannyn Sossamon, and Peter Weller. Three people in the movie were also in A Knight's Tale (Heath, Shannyn, and Mark Addy). I enjoyed both movies. The Order was off center from the usual Catholic "mysteries of blah blah blah" movie in which some ancient evil surfaces, manifests, or possesses. I like Heath Ledger. I spotted him first in Roar a pretty much unsuccessful TV series. It was far from his first effort but I "noticed" him as someone likely to been seen again in the future. I enjoyed The Order, finding it to be a little different example of a genre in which my interest is generally lukewarm. Seeing Peter Weller as a Cardinal and an Anti-pope of sorts was interesting too. His performance was little more than an extended cameo, but noteworthy. I thought Heath Ledger turned in a good performance. I have seen few movies from him in which he had a chance to exert himself as an actor; most of his roles depended as much on circumstance as acting to produce a reaction in the audience. In this movie he was allowed to act and it worked. I also enjoyed the almost-comedy-relief role of Mark Addy. I had to go research Mark in IMDB before I realized that I had seen him before A Knight's Tale — he was Dave from The Full Monty.
Writing I am doing a bit of writing, poetry mostly, these days. I think that is a good thing. Most of it I am neither posting nor saving, as it is simply neither good nor interesting. Still, writing has some value of itself. I am having trouble finding sources of inspiration, or at least keeping them in mind. I have half a dozen ideas a day that I never write about because I lose them from between the chair in which I receive them and the computer.