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I got a recipe for snake. Delicious. Fricassee of reptile. You are what you eat.

Up & Down

Down My career as a movie-goer is over. I sat rather closer than I ever have at the premier of Star Wars and could still not watch the movie enjoyably. It was not just the dark scenes (plenty of those) that were a problem. I also had a great deal of trouble with the rest of the scenes. I could see what was going on, but I got no detail. There is just no reason to go to the theatre any more.

Those of you who know me may know how hard this is for me. Though I haven't been much of a movie-goer of late, it used to be a defining parameter in my life. The movie fan club I was a part of in Miami holds some of my fondest memories.

Losing my ability to watch a normal television, a normal computer screen hit me hard a while back. Compensating is possible but painful in a variety of ways. A bigger screen enables some function. Bigger screens now no longer serve. Moving from solution to solution in the face of problems sounds better than it is.

I keep hitting road blocks. I keep losing things. I feel like I am continuously less than I was. I hate that. A lot.
Up The projector TV is here. I haven't any sort of sound system, but I will pick up a cheap receiver this weekend and solve that. The picture is good, bright, and enormous. I'm watching a 72"+ picture. The final dimensions will depend on the installation, ultimately.

This picture is bright, even projected against an off-white wall. When I get a screen, things will be much better. I can sit quite close to this picture and see much more than I can see on a conventional TV. I will be able to watch DVD movies for a while longer. Maybe by the time I no longer can I'll be better adjusted to the prospect.

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