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"I think I need a root canal. I definitely need a long, slow root canal."


I seem to be on a roll poetically. Perhaps it's time to try the 100poems challenge: The challenge is this - write 100poems in the course of 100 days. If you take the challenge, start the title of each entry with "(x-y)" where x is which-th attempt at the challenge it is part of (including those that were unsuccessful) and y is which-th poem it is in the attempt.... naah! I did post the poem du jour in a couple of places. Here's one


My projector was incorrectly shipped to the store instead of my home. I plan to pick it up tonight or tomorrow. Probably tomorrow as I am going to Star Wars tonight and don't want to trek all the way to Columbia (30+ miles), get half-way through a complex TV installation, then try to complete it in the wee hours.

Overheard in the chat room:
I'm going to star wards
Sounded like a new medical show
ER in spaaaaaace!
yeah, starring OBGYN Kenobi
use the forceps luke!

Things went downhill from there...


I won't likely do much today. I don't want to begin landscaping or redecorating projects for fear I'll throw out my back or something equally insane and miss the movie tonight. I've been writing. That is a strange thing of itself. I plan to spend most of my time doing nothing else.


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