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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Fiery the angels fell. Deep thunder rode around their shores... burning with the fires of Orc.
nanowrimo 2010


I'm just catching up a bit in this post. I really have nothing much to report. I've written a poem I like and added another to my site. Check out my poetry look for Underneath Those Secrets and Society.


I have ordered a projector. I will take delivery tomorrow or Thursday. I then need to wrap up someone to do the wiring to get it installed. When complete (I guess about 2 weeks) I should have a 100" picture to stare blearily at.


I've begun a project. Like so many it may languish. I've had Jeff from Clean Cut who does my lawn bring his tiller and tear up the ground on both sides of my walk. I will lay down a border on either side of plastic barrier, lava rock, and an edging of bricks. In the center of this border I'll put down solar powered walk lights.


I keep claiming that I will mud, spackle, and paint the back room. It's been on my calendar for literally months. One day I'll have the energy and inclination at the same time and it will all happen. That room will become a studio of sorts, I hope.

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It's nice to hear from you, even if you don't have much to say.

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