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Tired of it all

  I've had a pounding headache (feels like high blood pressure) for two days. Nothing seems to help. I'm going to bed early as it seems not to hurt while I'm asleep. Wish me pleasant dreams for a change.
  I saw George today. Had a wide-range extremely varied conversation. I boggled at various things for a while, bitched and moaned, the usual.
  I've been bad tempered for days, possibly it goes with the headache. I've been dragging myself through the day for a while now. It seems like my mood picks up as the day goes on then collapses into itself after dinner. I don't like shifts like this. I don't like being in a bad mood so much.
  For some time now someone has been persistently trespassing on my property. It can't be a "professional" burglar as no such would be so persistent and so incompetent. A couple of weeks ago they got into my garage. They stole nothing, merely opened the truck and (I assume) searched it. They left the door open all night - ran down the battery some. Two nights ago someone tried to pry the tail light off the same vehicle while it was parked in the driveway and behind the house. I almost got 'em with my camera, but the flash did not reach far enough. The night after, I saw someone in the front yard and when I went out they ran off down the street.

OK, I'm finally fully pissed off. I have replace all the exterior lights with motion sensors and have hired a company that does hidden cameras to put them in place this week. If I get pictures I will prosecute as vindictively as I can.

"No good deed goes unpunished." I think a "good deed" lies behind this harassment. A friend of a friend needed a place to stay and I let him stay here a couple of weeks while he looked for a job and a place to live. His psychotic family didn't like that. While he was living here they couldn't sponge off his disability check. Not that I'm no longer sheltering him and my sis is no longer running his errands as though she was his slave, they seem to be mad at me because I'm not helping him. His psychotic and delusional, cretinous troll of a sister is my vote for the cause behind it all. If not, the treacherous witch he began fooling around with almost immediately after moving in with his girlfriend may be the cause of it all. It doesn't matter to me who is the cause of all this. I've got the cameras and the other gear in place. The police know what is going on and the Chief is a friend of mine. When I nail someone I'm casting as wide a net as possible. If paroles get revoked, if people get investigated by Family Services, if kids get relocated, or if illegally obtained medicaid, food stamps, or child maintenance checks disappear, so be it. I've let people fuck with me long enough. I'm just an old blind guy with nothing special on my side but I am far from helpless. It's time they figured that out.

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