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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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TV Day
nanowrimo 2010

Boring Stuff

I had a tedious dream last night, recorded this morning in baddreams. It was uninteresting in the extreme. I missed going to Sahara yesterday and I think it has been displaced in local theaters as of today. I am still searching for a psychiatrist to replace Dr. Spaulding. I have to find a dentist. My teeth are severely in need of cleaning.


Today is TV day. NO, I am not dressing in women's clothes, TV as in Television you smart asses. A 65" rear-screen projection TV is being delivered around 13:00 today. It is a temporary acquisition, rented for two weeks to test whether I will be able to see it. My vision is getting worse and a big screen may extend the time I will be able to watch movies. If it works, it is a slightly better solution for me than a projector. If I can't see this television much better than a standard one (apart from size, of course), I will have to find a way to try out a projection device. Given what I have been able to research, projection will actually cost me more than a large LCD or rear projection TV (or about the same). My only hesitation with a projection system is that I can't install or maintain it in any way. With a television, I can at least make the connections on my own, add a DVD, connect the cable, etc. I don't suppose that not being able to do that is really a big deal, though, is it?

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OOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhh Enjoy the tellie! Weeeeeeee! What's the first thing u watched? Was it Star Wars? That'd be the first thing I'd watch, wither that or the Dune and Children of Dune mini series. w00t!

It is already evident

that rear screen isn't going to work for me. I'll have to look into LCD, Plasma, or a projections system. The research will be fun.

First movie: Lord of the Rings
followed closely with Starship Troopers, Underworld, The Incredibles.

Coming soon: Rocky Horror, The Wall, Mask of Zorro, and Manhunter.

I have a feeling that it will be two weeks of intense movie watching even it it isn't an ideal solution.

i liked Sahara. i mean, for an action movie with a quirky sidekick it was pretty entertaining. i haven't read the book though, which I suspect might change my opinion of the movie.

Speaking of vision, though. My boyfriend has terrible vision. He has glaucoma and cataracts and therefor we have a fairly large tv in the house which he sits pretty close to, though he used to have a projector in the old house. Rear projection should be really good quality. Good luck with the vision thing.

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