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TV Day

Boring Stuff

I had a tedious dream last night, recorded this morning in baddreams. It was uninteresting in the extreme. I missed going to Sahara yesterday and I think it has been displaced in local theaters as of today. I am still searching for a psychiatrist to replace Dr. Spaulding. I have to find a dentist. My teeth are severely in need of cleaning.


Today is TV day. NO, I am not dressing in women's clothes, TV as in Television you smart asses. A 65" rear-screen projection TV is being delivered around 13:00 today. It is a temporary acquisition, rented for two weeks to test whether I will be able to see it. My vision is getting worse and a big screen may extend the time I will be able to watch movies. If it works, it is a slightly better solution for me than a projector. If I can't see this television much better than a standard one (apart from size, of course), I will have to find a way to try out a projection device. Given what I have been able to research, projection will actually cost me more than a large LCD or rear projection TV (or about the same). My only hesitation with a projection system is that I can't install or maintain it in any way. With a television, I can at least make the connections on my own, add a DVD, connect the cable, etc. I don't suppose that not being able to do that is really a big deal, though, is it?


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