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More dreams, telephone probs resolved.

The continuing obsession

Evil Genius continues to occupy much of my time each day. I haven't really done all that well with the game in many respects, but I am learning how to do so. I have yet to discover any actual function to my evil genius avatar, save to be attacked on rare occasions, but I am hoping some function will come to the fore in the course of play. Designing my second island is a pain in the behind. The layout is "inconvenient".

More Dreams

baddreams is going to fill up with my own dreams again. I recorded them earlier and will post them with this update. Last nights dream was rather quizzical as my dreams go, not being typical of any of the usual types of dreams I have.

Telephone Troubles

I'm expecting the phone company today. My phone has been getting more and more static on the line for some days now. It is practically unusable. I phoned Sprint yesterday, and they promised service before 7pm today. Wish me luck.

Post Script - Praise to John Harris, Sprint service technician extraordinare! He showed up near 13:00 today, walked 'round my house, fiddled here and there, and solved my phone problems in short order. John is a long-time resident of Jefferson City and the kind of "phone guy" the companies used to have in abundance. Alas that they have become so rare! As "3rd-generation phone company" (I, my father, and my grandfather all worked for the phone company as our primary career) myself, I appreciate a man like John who does his job efficiently and well.

I have two little girls and their mother as house guests this week. It is not much of a problem as I can appease the girls by printing cartoon characters for them to color. Everyone is off looking at the prospective new location this evening so things will be quiet.


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