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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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I'm making a citizen's annulment. Ipso facto coitus interruptus.
nanowrimo 2010

Boring Day

I spent the whole day paying bills, a task I hate. The morning consisted of little else. The afternoon was equally lazy. This evening was more busy, I tried to help out a friend with his computer, but still dull. Jason had a computer with 1600 viruses, 800 bits of ad-ware, and 33 bits of spy-ware. I cleaned all of that out but it pretty much trashed the machine. Deleting that much off the hard drive wiped out half a dozen programs and cost him a lot of time to recover.


Days of thunder

There's been a storm going on since about 4:00 this afternoon. I've had the computer off for a while, but now it is only raining and the thunder and lightning has abated. Of late I always turn off my computer when it is storming. I've checked with the home insurance and my 'puter is covered, but I would die while the claim was processed and it certainly would never cover enough to buy a replacement. 

Philosophical and Moral Issues

I'm tired of 'em . In the last few days I have been accosted (mostly online) by people wanting to talk about religion (a popular subject whenever there is a dead Pope), ethics, morals, abortion, and sexual orientation.

The degree to which I do not care about many of these issues is something I have a terrible time making clear to people. I love an argument (in the sense of an apology - look the word up if that doesn't make sense to you) but can't be bothered to re-iterate my fairly firm positions on these things. I haven't convinced anyone to change their opinions in a long time, and mine don't waver easily at my age.  

Walkers in Darkness

is having a get together in Boston 18 June this year. I hope to find a way to attend. I will begin saving money. There are a number of people I would enjoy meeting. Mostly, I have only chatted online with people from walkers. On the other hand, a gathering of a large number of depressed, bipolar, and ptsd-suffering people in Harvard Square could be cause for consternation on the part of Bostonians. And of those gathered, I dare say.

Have many of you made acquaintance with people previously met only online? How did it change your relationship to that person?

Food & Sleep

seem to go hand-in-hand of late. I ordered a Pizza-hut pizza at lunch (Karl's special combo Canadian Bacon, Onion, Mushroom, and Black Olive on a thin crust) and fell in to a brief coma afterward. I had biscuits and gravy for supper and suffered the same fate. Methinks I need to increase the dosage on my diabetes meds before meals.  

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Sorry about leaving u a mini- rant

Would the great computer gods in the processor please tell me why some people just don't have anti virus software and software to eleiminate all the spyware. I understand people say... sticking w/ IE, for example. Sure, most viruses are written for IE, and it's harder to finagle w/ your settings so u dont' get unrequested popups ect., but sllot of old peopole just take what they have not knowing any better. Some people think IE is just fine. I still run Microcrap Windblows, but that's because I have too much other crap to do to learn another operating system, and I know I will learn other operating systems at DeVry. I shoul learn Unix this semester. Fun fun. Wonder if we are going to use Red Hat. *shrugs* This will be new for me. I love OSX. That's what my grandma runs... hell, even she moved beyond Winblows... but it was because my uncle bought her a new puter (under the guiedance/ dictates of my dad who knows what he's doing). But why oh why don't some people do BASIC computer mantainence?!!! It's not hard!! Hell, you can set these things up to update automatically now! how lazy, naieve, cheap, stupid... whatever do you have to be?!!!

Re: Sorry about leaving u a mini- rant

my chance to rant right back...

Why? Oh, why isn't there a single product that handles viruses, adware, and spyware. Why must I pay thrice or install three products for this service? Oh, answered my own question... I must pay thrice.

Even people who know 'puters are dim where elementary precautions and such are concerned. I know of an instance of a programmer (a professional no less) running three (THREE!) anti-virus programs from behind multiple (yes, three again) firewalls on the same home computer. And he wonders why he can't get to the internet.

Re: Sorry about leaving u a mini- rant

ROTFL!!! Now *that's* paranoia!

Customer: How can I make absolutely sure that this computer never gets viruses, spyware or adware?

Me: Unplug the ethernet cable from it. Better yet, unplug it from its electrical source, and lock the power cord in a safe.


Re: Sorry about leaving u a mini- rant

I wonder.... if u dig around in the open source community, u might find a good all- in- one deal... but nwo I'm just TOTALLY speculating here. If I couldn't affort anti virus and anty spywhere, I woldn't have a computer. I haave 4 (maybe more) fee anyi spywhere stuff, and one anti- virus thing (payed for). I have Norton System Works, so you get stuff like WinDoctor. My fire wall (Zone Alarm) was also free. Those are a pain in the ass when u just install them, but the longer you have them, the less wondows will pop up asking if u want whatever file to have access to your computer. You've probably been to PC World. They have allot of free downloads.

One of these days, when I have the mad skilz, I'm going to get into the code of a cookie or three, make them so the server recieving information from them also accepts the new code and totally gum up their servers. I HATE COOKIES.


*ushes glasses up on nose*

ps. I REALLY hate cookies.

Oh I totally have nap attacks after I eat...but weirdly enough, it doesn't always show in my blood sugar numbers. Odd.

Yeah, I've met people in person after knowing quite awhile online. Actually, that's how I met my last three "significant others" (who all have now gone the way of the dodo).

It's interesting. I found that some people are FAR MORE ANNOYING in person, and less intelligent. But most of all, I have found that they are different. Just different.

I think it would be great for you to go if you can. Get out of Jeff City for a little bit. Breathe some "real" (*cough* *choke*) East coast air.

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