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I'm making a citizen's annulment. Ipso facto coitus interruptus.

Boring Day

I spent the whole day paying bills, a task I hate. The morning consisted of little else. The afternoon was equally lazy. This evening was more busy, I tried to help out a friend with his computer, but still dull. Jason had a computer with 1600 viruses, 800 bits of ad-ware, and 33 bits of spy-ware. I cleaned all of that out but it pretty much trashed the machine. Deleting that much off the hard drive wiped out half a dozen programs and cost him a lot of time to recover.


Days of thunder

There's been a storm going on since about 4:00 this afternoon. I've had the computer off for a while, but now it is only raining and the thunder and lightning has abated. Of late I always turn off my computer when it is storming. I've checked with the home insurance and my 'puter is covered, but I would die while the claim was processed and it certainly would never cover enough to buy a replacement. 

Philosophical and Moral Issues

I'm tired of 'em . In the last few days I have been accosted (mostly online) by people wanting to talk about religion (a popular subject whenever there is a dead Pope), ethics, morals, abortion, and sexual orientation.

The degree to which I do not care about many of these issues is something I have a terrible time making clear to people. I love an argument (in the sense of an apology - look the word up if that doesn't make sense to you) but can't be bothered to re-iterate my fairly firm positions on these things. I haven't convinced anyone to change their opinions in a long time, and mine don't waver easily at my age.  

Walkers in Darkness

is having a get together in Boston 18 June this year. I hope to find a way to attend. I will begin saving money. There are a number of people I would enjoy meeting. Mostly, I have only chatted online with people from walkers. On the other hand, a gathering of a large number of depressed, bipolar, and ptsd-suffering people in Harvard Square could be cause for consternation on the part of Bostonians. And of those gathered, I dare say.

Have many of you made acquaintance with people previously met only online? How did it change your relationship to that person?

Food & Sleep

seem to go hand-in-hand of late. I ordered a Pizza-hut pizza at lunch (Karl's special combo Canadian Bacon, Onion, Mushroom, and Black Olive on a thin crust) and fell in to a brief coma afterward. I had biscuits and gravy for supper and suffered the same fate. Methinks I need to increase the dosage on my diabetes meds before meals.  


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