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Rose tint my world; keep me safe from my trouble and pain...


It's been a week or more since I updated. I wish I could plead some reasonable excuse, something more than the usual, but I cannot. I have to lay the blame squarely on a "new" game (new to me) I recently acquired. "Evil Genius" is the most fun I've had in a while. I can't see it all that well, but I don't need to, generally.

Let's take a trip back to the '60s … intelligence agencies the world are in high dudgeon over a crime wave perpetrated by an evil organization. They are dispatching, left and right, investigators, agents, spies, and just plain burglars to infiltrate the "evil lair" of a criminal mastermind. Yup, that's me! I get to play the evil genius while building a lair on a remote island. You build barracks for your men (with the locker room, mess hall, staff playroom and all the ancilliaries). You build a strong room to hold your gold and ill-gotten gains. You build a control room where you monitor the activities of your minions and from whence you dispatch them to the far ends of the earth to commit deeds of infamy.

There's a lot to it. It's not easy being an evil genius after all. People keep breaking in. It costs a ton to recruit minions and transport them to the island. Once you get them there you have to keep 'em happy and healthy or the so-and-so's desert. Of course, if they are really unhappy, you just kill them and get more minions.

You get your own special minions ... so far I've only discovered a few. Jubei is an oriental samurai-ish fellow who can eviscerate your enemies with a single blow. The Matron is sort of an evil Angela Lansbury sort who whops your enemies into oblivion with her purse. I've encountered, but never recruited Kane who resembles a cross between Odd-job and a mortician. There is Red Ivan lurking somewhere with powers unknown.

You recruit specialized minions and have 'em train others to their skills. You have to kidnap a maid to create valets. You must kidnap a repairman to create technicians (Somebody has to keep that huge room full of power generators running, don't they?). Of course, you must have guards too, so you kidnap a security guard. Once your kidnapping is complete, you build an armory, plunk down a holding cell or two and a couple of "torture chairs". The interrogation begins... it involves cymbals, moonwalking, a bit of nose flipping, and something I can only describe as a twirling wedgie. Of course, then you can get creative. Whilst recruiting crime bosses from around the world, I discovered that the mixer in the mess hall can be used to exact compliance from the recalcitrant. I look forward to finding alternative uses for other things I've got lying about the ol' lair.



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