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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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nanowrimo 2010

My Writing

has been lagging. I just haven't been able to muster the enthusiasm. In part, I am bored and that never inspires me to write. I have also been watching various drama's play out in my friends' journals. Several people are at points in their lives where things are changing.

The Household

is in a minor uproar. Bobby is moving out. He and Betty have their own place. My sister has been helping them. I have been home alone mostly for the last couple of days. The solitude is pleasant, enough. We have had a couple of incidents, however. Two nights ago, the dogs barked, I opened the front door, and someone standing there ran away. Yesterday a white car pulled into my drive, pulled all the way to the back of the house, then backed out of the drive and proceeded in its original direction.

Home Repair and Refurbishing

is getting underway. The leak in the basement needs immediate repair. I think it will happen in a day or so. *sigh* I now have paint, patching materials, and various goods and tools required to repaint the bedroom next to mine. That will not begin immediately. I want to paint my living room and such as well, but I don't think that can happen for at least a couple of weeks. I will have to pick a color and buy more paint.

My basement

is something I am going to make an effort to take over for my own use some time soon. I have never actually used the basement of this house for myself since owning this house. I think it is time I take it over for my own use. It might be expensive, but I am going to give it a shot. I think my life might be more sedate if I isolate myself a bit from the rest of the house.

I need a new computer game

to occupy my mind. I own most strategy games that hold any interest for me. Many of them I cannot play due to my vision. It leaves the selection fairly small. I am at a loss for new games to play at this point because my interest in most of them is marginal at best. I long for the days when Civilization and Age of Empires held my attention for hours.

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w00t! Civilizations! Greace, I shallo 0wn u w/ a p! For the army of Madskilzia will demismate your capital city of Dorkshire! *cough* Yeah, that game was fun. :) My mom got my dad one of those archade mchines that have Mrs. Pac- Man and Galaga on it! w00t! I've been playing it more than anyone else. *grins* Good lick finding a game. I know how the vision thing goes. I bout World of Warcraft, and it looks AWSOME and is awsome! Trouble is, I have trouble seeing that one. :( But not enough trouble so that I can't adapt.... now actually having the time to devote to it is another story. :-P

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