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Nothing much to report


I had a long night of dreaming without much sleep involved. I recorded one dream, a snaky sort of thing, in baddreams. I dreamed another that involved a floating head that seemed to be made of lime-green neon wire, but it was not worth recording.


My writing has been less than satisfying of late. I usually write effortlessly. My stories and poems come hard right now. I don't really understand that situation. Changes in myself always mystify me. I am looking for something that will get the flow started again. I don't know what that will be, my usual cures for "writer's block" don't seem appropriate.

Quest for Fun

I haven't given up my quest for fun things. It is in abeyance, seemingly. I honestly can't think of anything fun that I want to do. Go figure.


I spent 90 minutes this afternoon watching last week's episode of Stargate. It was an interesting episode. I can see where there are cleaning up story lines and introducing foreshadowing elements to wind down the series. It is a little sad. I have been a long-time fan and I am not finding Stargate Atlantis to be an adequate replacement. I find the show spends much too much time on the McKay character, a character I find grating. I have hopes for next season.


We're watching Chronicles of Riddick in the background. It somehow escaped me that there are two versions of the movie on my disk. At the main menu you choose between the "convert" and "fight" versions. I will have to pay attention one day and find out what the differences are.


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