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Unceremoniously Ended

My attempt at 100 poems in 100 days failed with no fanfare at all last night when, after completing my poem of the day, I failed to post it. *sigh* I'll be starting over again today or tomorrow.

Feelin' Poorly

I seem to go through cycles of deterioration these days. I've had three seizures in three days, a record of sorts. I must remember to call my neurologist. I have also had splitting headaches and tremendous body aches — presumably as a result of the seizures. My vision seems to be going downhill again. My glucose levels have been out of control for a while, time to get them into shape again and hope my sight comes back into focus.

It's been weeks since I've slept well. I sleep best in the chaise in the living room, but it is hard to say why that would be. It is softer than my bed, but shorter and in most ways not as comfortable. ¿Quine sabe?


La Vida Tree Sloth

The amount of nothing I've been doing of late is prodigious, yet I still feel busy. My entire list of expeditions this week involved no more than a trip to the shrink, another to Lowes, and, today, to the curb to take out the trash. Apart from these exciting events I've done nothing but answer the phone and watch television. Oh, wait, I burned a Kid Rock CD for my Sis. It didn't work, but I did expend the time.


I still haven't been to H&R Block to get my tax situation sorted out. It is scary. I pretty much depleted my 401k and all my savings last year waiting to receive my disability. As I understand it, because of my reasons for withdrawal, it may not be taxable. Only the IRS knows.


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