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still having a rough time

I had a rough time of it again today. I hurt everywhere. Seizures yesterday have left me feeling like I've been dragged behind someone running the Boston Marathon. I have savage aches and pains everywhere.

I decided to attempt the 100Poems challenge today. You can watch my progress in the 100poems community. I already have five available. I'm going to post one today and I'll have a "buffer". Is that cheating? The challenge reads: write 100poems in the course of 100 days. I will also be recording more polished versions of the 100 poems I produce in my own community louderpoetry.

I'm thinking of attempting the 100stories challenge. I believe it would be wise to see how the 100poems effort goes first.

I saw my shrinkologist today. As often is the case I left in a foul humor. I actually enjoy talking and regard my shrinkologist as a friend. I wish I could quantify why visiting him leaves me grumpy afterward. This was ascerbated by a trip to Megalo-mart. As such trips go it was less than horrible. I did find the item I was looking for, which is not all that often the case. I now own a "lazy susan" which enables me to comfortably swivel my monitor.


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