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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Phone Rant
nanowrimo 2010

Today was hellishly busy. My company had company all day. This involved three kids under the age of ten. Combined with two dogs, at least five adults, at least four incessantly ringing phones, and perpetual interruptions things were ... unpleasant.

I dreamed an unusual dream last night. I recorded it in baddreams again. I don't know if I am going to record every dream the way I used to, but I will make an effort to record them frequently for a while in hopes of spotting a pattern or some interesting manifestations from the dream world.

For my rant du jour: Why can't people identify themselves when calling? Does nobody say "Hello, this is ... well, whoever?" I was taught to identify myself when someone answered the phone. All I ever get is "Is .... there?" or "Tell .... I'm doing thus-and-so." I've become an answering service in my own home. Why is it people with whom I have never exchanged a sentence longer than the ones mentioned above assume I will recognize their voices? I am disinclined to query all my callers, but I think I may start doing so. A few "Who the Hell are you?" greetings may make my point.

The magnificent Becky called today. I haven't had many chances to catch up with her lately. I was pleased to hear she is doing relatively well. She has the small town blues (as do I). I think she may be moving soon. I wonder if she'll go back to Miami or a large city again? I wish I could locate in such a place. I think it is not possible for me at this point. C'est la merde.

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You are so right, no one has manners anymore. Today I picked up the phone, and I swear this guy was on speed..lol he asked for my husband and before I could say who is this ...he was gone.. all I got in was no he isnt available..
How rude...oh well...
Sounds like you had fun with your company and having company...

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